Offshore Wind Plans for New York State

New York State needs new sources of renewable energy to meet the Clean Energy Standard, which ensures that 50% of New York State’s electricity must come from renewable resources by 2030.

Generating electricity with wind turbines located in the Atlantic Ocean can provide this significant, clean source of power for New York State. Done correctly, offshore wind could serve as a new, local source of affordable power for the New York City metropolitan area and Long Island, where energy demand and prices are high. NYSERDA is the lead agency coordinating the offshore wind opportunities in the State.

Blueprint for the New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan

Like all energy resources, offshore wind must be developed thoughtfully and responsibly. The Blueprint outlines NYSERDA’s process, steps, and timeline to develop the Master Plan. The Blueprint also describes how valuable stakeholder feedback will be pursued to inform the Master Plan.

Read Blueprint for the New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan [PDF]

New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan

The Blueprint activities will launch in fall of 2016 and conclude with a completed Master Plan by the end of 2017. New York State Offshore Wind Master Plan will be the comprehensive strategy for developing offshore wind resources in New York State. It will provide recommendations on the best solutions for maximizing the potential for offshore wind in New York State. Elements of the Master Plan will include:

  • Site identification and leasing strategies
  • Site assessment and site characterization pre-development activities
  • Cost, benefit, interconnection studies
  • Analysis and recommended mechanisms for energy offtake agreements
  • Stakeholder and community engagement, and educational efforts
  • Viewshed, fishing, and other mitigation efforts

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