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Water and Wastewater Technical Reports

Report Title Report Number Owner

Baselining of Large Water Resource Recovery Facilities in New York State [PDF]

 20-12 Arcadis of New York, Inc.
Current Energy Position of New York State Wastewater Treatment Facilities Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.
  Water Environment Research Foundation
Roadmap to Energy in the Water and Wastewater IndustryLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. [PDF]   Water Research Foundation
Demonstrated Energy Neutrality Leadership: A Study of Five Champions of Change [PDF]   Water Environment Research Foundation
Triple Bottom Line Evaluation of Biosolids Management Options [PDF]
Water Environment Research Foundation
Assessing Biosolids Management Options - Triple Bottom Line Tool [XLS]
Water Environment Research Foundation
Developing Robust Strategies for Climate Change and Other Risks: A Water Utility Framework [PDF] #4262 Water Research Foundation
Mitigation of Ecosystem Degradation by Bio-Energy using Biochar  [PDF] 12-19 --
Changing Organizational Culture to Promote Sustainable Water Operations: A Guidebook for Water Utility Sustainability Champions [PDF] -- --
Toolbox for Water Utility Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Management [PDF] -- --
Energy Efficiency in Wastewater Treatment in North America: A Compendium of Best Practices and Case Studies of Novel Approaches [PDF|3.2MB] -- --
Energy Efficiency Best Practices For North American Drinking Water Utilities [PDF|3.22 MB] -- --
WERF Biogas Factsheet [PDF] -- --
Evaluation of Disinfection Alternatives at the Albany County Sewer District North and South Plants - Final Report [PDF|7.5 MB] 10-12 --
Feasibility Study of a Pilot Testing Program for Emission Control Biogas Cleaning at a NYCDEP WPCP [PDF] 08-20 --
08-17 Statewide Assessment of Energy Use by the Municipal Water and Wastewater Sector [PDF]

Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity for the Municipal Wastewater Sector in New York [PDF]
MC08-02 --
Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity for the Food Manufacturing Sector in New York [PDF] MC08-01 --
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Energy Evaluation Summary Report [PDF] #06-14 --
Optimization of UV Disinfection #07-07
Energy Index Development for Benchmarking Water and Wastewater Utilities [PDF] #07-08
Submetering Program Summary Report [PDF|2.55 MB] #07-01
Oct 2006
Study to Evaluate the Feasibility of Building an Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Methanol System
Oct 2006 New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Optimizing the Energy Efficiency of Ultraviolet Disinfection Through On-Site Validation and Control Equipment Maintenance  [PDF|6.2 MB] #05-09
Oct 2005
City of Albany

Hard Copy Only 

The reports listed below are available only in hard copy. To receive copies, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the report title and number and your mailing address.

Report Title Report Number Owner City
Cascade Aerator Control System # 02-10 Village of East Syracuse East Syracuse
Ash Use from Suffolk County Wastewater Treatment Plant # 02-07 Suffolk County Department of Public Works Yaphank
Evaluation of UV Disinfection Technologies for Surface Water Treatment Plants # 02-06 City of Geneva Geneva
Demonstration of Water Treatment Technologies # 02-04 Village of Waterloo Waterloo
Performance Evaluation of a Vortex Ring Mixer in an Anaerobic Sludge Digester # 02-03 North Tonawanda Wastewater Treatment Plant North Tonawanda
Energy-Efficient Residuals Management Technologies # 02-02 City of Niagara Falls WTP Niagara Falls
Energy Conservation Through Watershed Management for Drinking Water Supply # 02-01


New York City Department of Environmental Protection and the City University of New York New York City
Subsurface-Flow Wetlands Wastewater Treatment System # 00-12 Village of Minoa Minoa
Controlling Odors and Stabilizing Waste in Composting Systems # 00-11 Cornell University Ithaca
Coarse Monomedia Retrofit of Air-Scour-Backwash Tertiary Filters # 00-09 Town of Tonawanda Tonawanda
Water Treatment Plant Filter Backwash Optimization Study # 00-08 City of Canandaigua Canandaigua
Capital Compost In-Vessel Organic Waste Composting # 00-07 Capital Compost Menands
Constructed Wetland System for Treatment of Landfill Leachate # 00-06 Monroe County Rochester/
Monroe County
Application of Biological filters to Remove Nitrogen from a Treatment Plant Effluent # 00-05 Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Treatment Plant Vestal
Evaluating Ozone for Primary Disinfection # 00-03 City of Dunkirk Dunkirk
Biological Stability of Drinking Water Through Treatment Processes and Distribution Systems # 00-02 Jerome Park Water Treatment Distribution Plant (NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection) New York City