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Technology Centers

Technology centers rely on energy to power servers and ensure secure internet connections.

Discover new ways that managing energy can increase reliability and profits.

How you benefit

  • Reduce energy costs, freeing up capital for system and equipment investments
  • Improve the reliability, resiliency, and uptime of your systems and equipment
  • Reduce maintenance time and costs by extending the life span of your equipment
  • Enhance your brand reputation as a committed sustainability leader
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and healthier community

Key energy saving opportunities

1. Containerization

Technology centers consume large amounts of energy in order to run and maintain computer systems and servers. Many pieces of technology equipment are energy-intensive and mission-critical; they must run 24/7. By consolidating multiple servers onto the same piece of hardware, you can save significantly on energy and maintenance costs. Virtualization can also improve your resiliency by reducing the chance of downtime from equipment failures.

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2. Airflow Management

Optimizing airflow pathways in your technology center can significantly reduce your energy consumption and save money. Airflow problems (air leaks, blockages, etc.) are quite common, especially in older centers that have gone through numerous modifications, server equipment refreshes, and rearrangements. Consider strategies to effectively manage airflow in your center, such as setting up servers in alternating hot and cold aisles.

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3. Motor Upgrades and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Motors can use more energy than any other piece of equipment in a technology center. By installing and using high-efficiency motors, your business can save both energy and money. You can also use VFDs to make sure your equipment and systems are operating at the most efficient speed—reducing wear and tear and driving reliability. VFDs can also provide a source of energy-efficient cooling for your servers, systems, and equipment.  

Learn more about motors and variable frequency drives.

4. Heat Recovery

Capturing and recycling wasted heat from equipment operations and building systems is a key strategy to reduce energy use and work toward decarbonization. Heat recovery leverages energy from exhaust air, wastewater, or central cooling systems – energy that building owners have already paid for – to store or repurpose it for other uses. Heat recovery systems can be tailored to a building’s existing systems or a planned upgrade, such as heat pumps, as part of a larger retrofit project.

Learn more about heat recovery.


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