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How the Program Works


The Program works through a network of approved dealers (“Contractors”) that receive voucher payments after providing fleets with a discount on their vehicle purchases at the point of sale. This allows fleets to avoid having to pay upfront and apply for reimbursement later.

Voucher Program Participants and Roles

Voucher Program participants fit into three main categories: fleets, dealers, and manufacturers.

  • Fleets are truck or bus operators, either vehicle purchasers or lease operators. Participating fleets agree to operate voucher funded vehicles according to the terms of the Program and to scrap an existing vehicle similar to the new vehicle being purchased or leased (see Vehicle Purchaser Participation AgreementLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.). Fleets are also responsible for completing mandatory Vehicle Usage Reporting for voucher funded vehicles for three years.
  • Manufacturers are the parties that produce trucks and buses. Manufacturers submit vehicle information to have their vehicles included on the Eligible Vehicles list [xls].  
  • Dealers are the parties that sell eligible vehicles to fleet customers. Dealers, also referred to as “Contractors,” will submit voucher applications to NYSERDA and, once all requirements of voucher redemption are met, receive the voucher payment from NYSERDA. Truck and bus dealers or manufacturers may be considered Contractors, which is the party that works directly with NYSERDA to submit and redeem Voucher Applications.

NYSERDA’s Voucher Help Center (VHC) receives and reviews voucher applications submitted through an online portal and is available to guide vendors through the application process.

Voucher Process at a Glance 

  1. Step 1

    Vehicle Eligibility approval

  2. Step 2

    Contractor approval

  3. Step 3

    Voucher Application and Approval

  4. Step 4

    Vehicle Scrappage

  5. Step 5

    Voucher Redemption and Payment

  6. Step 6

    Annual Usage Reporting

  • Step 1: Vehicle Eligibility Approval
    Manufacturers submit a Vehicle Eligibility ApplicationLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. package to the Voucher Help Center (VHC) via email. If NYSERDA approves the application, the vehicle is posted on the Eligible Vehicles list.
  • Step 2: Contractor Approval
    Contractors who are authorized by a manufacturer to sell an eligible vehicle submit a Contractor ApplicationLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.. If NYSERDA approves the application, the Contractor is eligible to submit applications and receive voucher payments from NYSERDA.
  • Step 3: Voucher Application and Approval
    When a Vehicle Purchaser is ready to purchase an Eligible Vehicle from an approved Contractor, the Contractor submits a Voucher Application through the NYSERDA Portal to reserve a voucher for that specific purchase and identifies the scrap vehicle. The VHC and NYSERDA will review the Voucher Application and notify the Contractor if there are any issues or missing information, or if the application is approved. If the Voucher Application is approved, funds are reserved for the Eligible Vehicle(s) identified in the application. New EVs must be delivered to Vehicle Purchasers after the date of application to be considered eligible for funding.
  • Step 4: Vehicle Scrappage
    Scrappage can occur any time between the date of voucher approval and up to 21 days after vehicle delivery. The Vehicle Purchaser must provide the Contractor with all required Scrappage documentation within this timeframe, and the Contractor must upload all Scrappage documentation to the NYSERDA Portal before Voucher Redemption.
  • Step 5: Voucher Redemption and Payment
    After the Vehicle Purchaser takes delivery of the new Eligible Vehicle, registers the new vehicle, pays for it in full and satisfies all Scrappage requirements, the Contractor completes the Voucher Redemption process in the NYSERDA Portal. This consists of uploading all required documentation for final approval. This information must be uploaded for each individual vehicle for which the Contractor seeks to receive a voucher payment. Vouchers must be redeemed within 18 months of the Voucher Approval Date. Contractors may apply for up to six (6) month extensions and are subject to NYSERDA review. Once all documents are approved, NYSERDA issues payment to the Contractor.
  • Step 6: Vehicle Usage Reporting
    The Vehicle Purchaser is required to submit Vehicle Usage Reports for a minimum of three years after voucher payment.