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Focus Area: Offshore Wind

Toward its goal of developing renewable energy sources to provide 70% of the State's electrical power by 2030, New York is advancing the responsible and cost-effective development of at least 9,000 MW of offshore wind energy by 2035, enough to power up to 6 million homes. 

NYSERDA supports cost effective, responsible, and innovative technology solutions to capture the full potential of wind energy for New Yorkers. Through competitive solicitations and its partnership with the National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium, NYSERDA supports industry-focused innovation in offshore wind technologies, products, and solutions. 

As a national leader in clean energy policy, New York is emerging as the hub for the United States' growing offshore wind energy industry. Innovation@NYSERDA is helping drive climate tech products and solutions to meet the needs of the new offshore wind industry in New York State with new investment areas, program and partners.

Investment Areas

  • Offshore wind plant technology advancement
  • Offshore wind power resource and physical site characterization
  • Installation, O&M, and supply chain solutions


NYSERDA partners with diverse members from federal and state agencies, offshore wind developers, industry, academia, and private researchers to advance innovation in the growing industry of offshore wind.

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