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Find a NYSERDA Qualified Third-Party Support Provider


The list of qualified third-party support providers (contained below) is a voluntary resource made available for interested AHJs to use as they deem necessary. Third-party support providers should be contracted directly by the permit applicant (project owner, owner’s agent, or operator permitting on behalf of the project owner). Third-party support providers act in the interest of the permit applicant by ensuring code compliance for the project and as a partner to the AHJ by ensuring compliance for buildings within the community. It is critical the third-party support provider act ethically and avoid conflicts of interest in delivery of all services provided.

It should be clearly noted that:

  • Overall responsibility for the implementation of energy code compliance as well as any commercial and residential building plan reviews and inspections resides with the AHJs.
  • AHJs should consult with their legal counsel and code enforcement staff in implementing any, and all building plan reviews and inspections related to any third-party support provider.
  • NYSERDA is only responsible for reviewing third-party support provider applications against the published pre-selected qualification requirements referenced in RFQL 4698 which has an online portal application.

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