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Funding Opportunity FAQs


How can I find information on contract award, and information on how many companies were awarded and the names of the companies?
We are unable to disclose awardees until the contracts have been executed. Each quarter, NYSERDA publishes periodic Procurement Contract reports on the NYSERDA website. Some Solicitations also announce winners in the News Room of the NYSERDA website.

Which method of submission is preferred, electronic or manual?
Electronic submission is preferred, but NYSERDA will accept hard copies through the mail or hand delivered to 17 Columbia Circle, Albany, NY 12203.

If we worked as a subcontractor to a vendor enrolled under a previous Solicitation will that disqualify us from being selected for a current Solicitation?
Unless specifically prohibited in the Solicitation, prior subcontract work does not disqualify a firm from proposing.

Why don’t Solicitations have a percentage goal for SDVOB (Service Disable Veteran Business) businesses?
The goal is 6% but it is not mandatory for all types of contract only qualified procurements under the law.

Can two companies partner and apply to one Solicitation?
Yes, companies can partner in a proposal and that practice is often encouraged in Solicitations. However, one company must be designated as the lead.

What should I do if there is an issue when submitting my proposal electronically?
Files may only be submitted through the online submission website. Please allow sufficient time to complete the process. If you are having trouble uploading files to the website, please contract Jilina Baxter at 518-862-1090 x 3418 for assistance prior to the 3:00 PM deadline, allowing sufficient time to receive assistance. Please note, proposals may be submitted by mail, but must be received by the deadline.

Can I get an extension on submitting my proposal due to some technical difficulties I’m experiencing?
No, there are no extensions. Please note, the online submission system closes at exactly 3:00 PM on the due date. Please allow time for all files to upload when you are submitting proposals. Mailed proposals must be received by NYSERDA by the due date and time in the solicitation.

Do you have a contact person/direct phone# for CFA (Consolidated Funding Application) process?
Applicants should reach out directly to their Regional Council through the appropriate email address below. A staff person from the Regional Council can help an applicant apply. For additional questions related to the application, the applicant should reach out through the same email address.

Can you tell me why my proposal wasn’t selected?
Yes, NYSERDA is happy to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your proposal. Please request a debrief meeting with the technical contact who is listed in the Solicitation document.

Will this solicitation due date be extended?
Except in rare circumstances, Solicitations are not extended, but may be reissued at a later time.

What is the requirement regarding the font size?
The font should be the standard 12 unless other instruction is provided in the Solicitation.

How do I know if I need Letters of Support?
The Requirements section of the solicitation directs proposers as to what documentation is required, including letters of support.

Can an out of state company submit a proposal?
Yes, a long as the work will be performed in New York State.

What is the policy for extra pages, formatting, etc.?
Proposal layout is typically explained in the Requirements section of the Solicitation. If a proposer would like to request changes to what has been specified, that request should be sent to the technical contact in the solicitation document.

When a Project Manager can't be reached to answer technical questions?
The contract contact will refer you to an alternate contact.

How can I be notified of an upcoming NYSERDA solicitation?
Please visit NYSERDA.NY.GOV and go to funding opportunities and sign up to be notified of upcoming solicitations.

What is the CPPF and where can I find more information?
The CPPF is the Contract Pricing Proposal Form. Please refer to the CPPF Instructions attached to the solicitation, and if necessary contact the technical contact who is listed in the Solicitation document.

What is the minimum and maximum number of firms NYSERDA will select to provide the requested services?
The Contract Award section of the Solicitation outlines whether a single award will be made or whether it is possible that multiple awards will be made. In cases of multiple awardees, the number of firms awarded is dependent upon the nature of the work or services, the number of proposals received, the technical merit of the proposals and the funds available.

Are there specific dollar values for the insurance a vendor must have, e.g. $1 million in general liability?
Please refer to the Types of Insurance section of the sample agreement attached to the solicitation. The types and amounts of insurance required to be maintained are listed.

Is NYSERDA looking for the resumes of all of a firm’s technical consultants and sub-consultants who may provide services to NYSERDA?
Please refer to the Requirements section of the solicitation for explicit instructions pertaining to resumes.

How much funding does NYSERDA intend to award under the solicitation?
The solicitation will often state the total funding available and will often include a maximum amount of funding per project.

Approximately when will we receive answers to questions? Will they be emailed to all interested vendors, or will they be posted on some website?
If the solicitation provides for Q&A, the answers will be provided by Program staff and posted on the Solicitation page of nyserda.ny.gov. The party who asked the question will typically not be identified and inquiries may be aggregated to further protect anonymity.

Will the proposer be required to have a M/WBE partner(s)?
The Solicitation will indicate whether the resulting awards will be subject to an M/WBE requirement. Each awardee subject to M/WBE requirements must outline how they will meet the M/WBE goals stated in the Solicitation. The Prime Contractor may be a certified NYS M/WBE firm, or the goal % of the contract value may be subcontracted to a certified NYS M/WBE firm(s).

Will the proposer need to know who their subcontracting partner will be upon submission of a proposal or will the prime have time to identify an M/WBE partner?
When the award is made, the awardee will have 10 days to provide a utilization plan for M/WBE(s).

Do you have any preferred vendors for Minority Owned Business (MBE) and /or Woman Owned Business (WBE)?
A list of M/WBE vendors can be found on the M/WBE website ny.newnycontracts.com.

Is a vendor able to receive payment every 30 days, or is payment issued only after the project is complete (after 6 months)?
Please refer to the attached Sample Agreement’s Payment Section; the standard process is for a contractor to invoice monthly. In some cases the Agreement will provide for payment based on the contractor’s achievement of milestones.

Are there any addendums to this RFP/PON or summary of changes?
Any changes to the RFP/PON are posted to nyserda.ny.gov and published in the contract reporter.

What if a company is in the process of becoming a certified MWBE with the Department of Economic Development before submitting their proposal, will you all allow us to get certified if selected to pursue contracts?
Firms in the process of being certified through the Department of Economic Development should indicate so in their proposal.