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Electric School Bus (ESB) Roadmap


The New York State Electric School Bus Roadmap (Roadmap) [PDF] presents an overview of the key challenges, costs, funding mechanisms, and policy options involved in the effort to transition all school buses in New York State to zero-emission operation by 2035. This ambitious goal, as established in the April 2022 state budget, is driven by a strong commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance air quality for New Yorkers.

For the purposes of the Electric School Bus Roadmap (the Roadmap), “ESBs” refers to both battery-powered and hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric buses that meet the definition of zero-emission buses. However, there are no hydrogen fuel cell-powered school buses currently available or expected to be available in the next few years, so the Roadmap is focused on battery-powered buses. Future versions of this Roadmap may include more discussion of hydrogen fuel cell-powered buses as the market develops.

More information about NYSERDA electric school bus programs and resources can be found at NYSERDA’s Electric School Bus page and by signing up for NYSERDA’s Electric School Bus email list.