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Electric School Bus Roadmap

The New York State Electric School Bus Roadmap (Roadmap) presents an overview of the key challenges, costs, funding mechanisms, and policy options involved in the effort to transition all school buses in New York State to zero-emission operation by 2035.

For school districts, the Roadmap suggests a phased approach to transitioning fleets, starting with the electrification of more feasible bus routes and leveraging overnight charging opportunities, then ramping up their efforts once school buses reach cost parity and more charging infrastructure is established. It also highlights the need for infrastructure expansion, fleet transition planning, workforce development, and coordination by school districts with electrical grid operators.

The Roadmap calls for equitable statewide transition to zero-emission school buses, focusing on historically overburdened communities and ensuring that training opportunities are available to support a just transition. It also emphasizes the importance of leveraging available funding sources, such as State aid programs and purchase incentives.


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