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NYStretch Adoption Resources


Regional Circuit Riders

For information on NYStretch-2020 supplement and support for its local adoption, contact the Circuit Rider in your region. Circuit riders are available and offer services to help local governments throughout the adoption process, including but not limited to:

  • Presentations to local governments and stakeholders on the benefits and impacts of NYStretch adoption
  • Support for local law development and review
  • Technical interpretation and context on the NYStretch-2020 supplement

Southern Tier and Western New York

Lou Vogel of Taitem Engineering.
[email protected] or call 607-277-1118 x125

Central New York, Mohawk Valley and Finger Lakes

Josh Stack or Kevin Stack of Northeast Green Building Consulting.
[email protected] or call 315-478-6016

Capital Region, North Country

Mike DeWein of North Branch Services.
[email protected] or call 518-369-7545

Long Island, Hudson Valley

Matt Evans of Newport Ventures.
[email protected]

Adoption Guide

Review the Adoption Guide and Model Resolution [PDF] to learn about available NYSERDA support and steps to adopt NYStretch in your community. 

Additional NYStretch-2020 Adoption Resources

NYStretch Development and Historical Documents

NYStretch was developed with guidance from a 25-member advisory group composed of public and private stakeholders and energy experts. NYSERDA held a public comment period in 2018 seeking feedback on the draft from architects, engineers, building professionals, and local government officials. NYSERDA reviewed and, where necessary, revised the draft document based on those comments. 

Historical documents related to the development of NYStretch include:

*Note: Certain historical documents refer to the NYStretch Energy Code with “2018” or “2019” in their titles. Going forward, it will be referred to or titled “NYStretch Energy Code-2020” as it will overlay the 2020 ECCC NYS when that energy code is released by New York State Department of State.