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Andromeda Community Initiative (ACI)

Queens County

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Whole building energy efficiency and clean tech construction training

Company Name:
Andromeda Community Initiative (ACI)

Location: Queens, NY

NYSERDA Program: Workforce
Development and Training

Business Type: Nonprofit Workforce
Development Organization


Andromeda Community Initiative (ACI) uses a “whole building approach” to train and certify individuals from underserved communities to become entry-level construction workers with enhanced skills and understanding in energy-efficient building operations and maintenance (O&M); green weatherization and restoration; and carbon emissions reduction.

About Andromeda Community Initiative

ACI is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization that provides professional development opportunities, free educational and workforce development programs, and job-related training that prepares students for gainful employment in the construction and building restoration industry.

Building restoration, a subset of the construction industry, is a $1.5 billion industry in the New York City private sector, employing approximately 20,000 laborers every day. Well-trained workers are in high demand; however, employers struggle to fill vacancies with qualified candidates, while unemployed and underemployed individuals lack the network, resources, or training to apply for those positions. ACI provides quality training by subject experts, thereby bridging the gap between companies in need of workers and individuals seeking quality, family-sustaining employment.

A group of ACI workers in hard hats and safety vests.

Targeted Training

The seven-week hybrid training program consists of classroom work and hands-on projects that allow students to pursue certifications and experience work that would be encountered in the field. Some of the hands-on projects focus on basic masonry and carpentry, patching of building envelope, and practice using suspended and supported scaffolding to engage in building restoration and repair.

Students also learn about the appropriate and safe use of power tools, basic electrical circuitry, basic toilet and faucet repair, the use of low-flow fixtures, combustion safety testing, thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) installation, and various lead paint safety procedures. In addition to general construction safety, ACI’s training emphasizes external repairs and weatherization, basic masonry, caulking, stucco work, patching, and roofing to seal buildings and increase energy efficiency while reducing heat loss.

Local Partnerships

ACI is partnering with Solar One, a nonprofit green energy education center that holds industry leading expertise in sustainability and energy-efficient approaches to construction and building O&M training. With years of successful experience in delivering education to a wide variety of priority populations throughout New York City, Solar One’s role is to train participants in green construction and building O&M procedures.

ACI also works closely with STRIVE, a New York City-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to help people acquire life-changing skills and attitudes needed to overcome challenging circumstances, find sustained employment, and become valuable contributors to their families, their employers, and their communities. STRIVE staff provides outreach and enrollment support for underserved communities.

What Was Learned and Earned

Graduates who successfully complete the training program will be prepared for a wide range of job titles whose work impacts heat loss, energy efficiency, and green construction overall. These include laborers; roofers; building maintainers; porters; brick, block, or cement masons; helpers; and similar positions. ACI expects to train 60 individuals.

Graduates also earn the following industry certification:

Learn more about clean energy workforce development opportunities.

Visit: nyserda.ny.gov/wfd or email: [email protected] for information.