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Additional Reports/Studies


Large-Scale Renewables Supply Curve Analysis – February 2024

NYSERDA is developing renewable energy supply curve analysis in support of the Large-Scale Renewables (LSR) program. The primary use of the this analysis is to support future electricity system modeling. This analysis contains estimates and projections on resource availability, site locations, and site and technology characteristics for a range of large-scale renewable energy technologies. Draft data from the analysis is available here [XLXS].

Inventory of Supply Side Organizations in New York’s Clean Energy Economy

NYSERDA has undertaken a study to create a data-driven inventory to characterize the supply side of New York State’s clean energy economy. The Inventory of Supply Side Organizations in New York’s Clean Energy Economy [PDF] provides information on research and development, product development, and manufacturing organizations, as well as key supply side service providers. The report presents analysis on the entities’ geographic location, clean energy sector, position in the value chain, and technical competencies.

New York Energy Policy Institute Project

The New York Energy Institute Project report [PDF] explores the establishment of a New York Energy Policy Institute (NYEPI) designed to bring together the knowledge-base and expertise found at New York’s public and private institutions of higher education to provide analysis, insights, and guidance to State decision makers on important energy technology and policy issues. This report contains three key elements:

  • Directory of institutions and faculty conducting energy-related research in New York State;
  • An analysis of existing state and federal models that involve the use of academicians to support energy and environmental policy decision making; and,
  • Recommendations for establishing an entity such as NYEPI in New York State.

NYSERDA paper on Renewable Portfolio Standard - February 2003

Pursuant to the objective in the 2002 State Energy Plan (page 1-39), NYSERDA has undertaken a preliminary investigation into the feasibility of establishing a Statewide renewable portfolio standard (RPS) for electricity generation, and how an RPS might harmonize with a restructured and competitive electricity market and the goals from planned State actions to promote renewable energy development. The results of this preliminary investigation are included in this paper on Renewable Portfolio Standard. [PDF]

Electric Reliability Study - December 2000

In addition, the Energy Planning Board prepared a Report on the Reliability of New York's Electric Transmission and Distribution Systems [PDF] at the request of the State Legislature. The report, issued in December 2000, examines how the reliability of the transmission and distribution systems would be affected by several factors now and in the future.

Estimating the Value of Carbon: Two Approaches

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation has released value of carbon guidance [PDF]for use by State agencies, per the requirements of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act of 2019. To support this work, NYSERDA and Resources for the Future prepared this memo to review the two main analytical approaches for quantifying the dollar value of avoided greenhouse gas emissions: the social cost of carbon (SCC) approach (or marginal damages approach) and the marginal abatement cost (MAC) approach (or target-consistent approach). The memo includes attention to specific considerations for the application of each approach to inform policy analysis and decision-making in NYS, and it presents associated estimates for the value of carbon and certain other greenhouse gases.