Heat & Cool Your Home

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Heating and cooling can account for more than half of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, often making it the largest energy expense. You can save energy and lower your heating and cooling costs by properly maintaining existing systems or by upgrading to newer, more efficient technologies. NYSERDA has the information you need to discover opportunities to efficiently heat and cool your home.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient alternative to conventional heating and cooling systems and can provide up to 100 percent of your heating and cooling needs. They work by drawing heat from the environment and moving it indoors to heat your home in the winter or moving it outdoors to cool your home during the summer months. Although the initial investment of purchasing a heat pump can be high, a heat pump can significantly reduce energy usage, leading to long-term overall savings by lowering maintenance costs and utility bills.

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Heating Systems

Heating is the largest expense in the average home. Properly maintaining your heating system can extend its life span and help you save energy. If you are replacing your system, consider newer models that are more energy efficient or think about switching to a fuel-free technology option. This can lead to increased comfort and lower utility bills.

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Water Heaters

Water heating can be one of the highest energy costs in a home. Proper maintenance can extend the life span and optimize the energy efficiency of your water heater. When replacing or purchasing a new water heater, you have multiple types to choose from, including ones that use clean, renewable energy.

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Cooling Systems

Depending on your needs and living space, you have different options for cooling your home. Annual maintenance can help improve both the comfort of your home and the efficiency of your cooling system. When replacing or purchasing new air conditioners, you have many efficient options to choose from, in addition to new technologies that use significantly less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gases.

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