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For Businesses


An investment in your team is an investment in your business.

NYSERDA’s workforce development and training solutions provide clean energy businesses with funding and resources to hire new talent, develop the skills of current employees, and build their teams’ capacity. The return on investment in these areas can be substantial: workforce development and training can inspire new innovations and revenue streams, lead to improved staff morale and retention rates, and unlock previously unattainable levels of quality and productivity. Ultimately, this adds up to increased profitability for businesses and decreased carbon emissions for the State of New York. 

NYSERDA is helping clean energy businesses invest in their teams with the following programs and resources:

For Hiring and Training New Employees

  • On-the-Job Training: Helps businesses find qualified candidates through the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) and reduces the financial risk of hiring and training new employees. The program provides reimbursement up to 75% of a new hire’s wages for their first 16-24 weeks of employment and assistance with the development of training plans.
  • New York State Clean Energy Internships: Helps prepare the next generation of clean energy professionals by funding internships for students and recent graduates at clean energy businesses. New York-based businesses and organizations that operate in the energy efficiency, clean energy technology, and renewable energy sectors are encouraged to apply to become an approved business and start welcoming the next generation of clean energy professionals to their teams.
  • Climate Justice Fellowships: Year-long, full-time fellowships for individuals that currently reside in NYS and are from a priority population. NYSERDA provides funding for salaries and professional development so that fellows have the opportunity to work within businesses and organizations that advance climate justice and clean energy priorities in their respective communities.
  • Hiring Disadvantaged Community Populations: Explore guidance and support for advancing equity and inclusion in recruitment and hiring for clean energy businesses.

For Training Current or New Employees

  • Energy Efficiency & Clean Energy Technology Training: Provides funding for businesses to work with training providers to develop and offer technical training opportunities, relevant education, hands-on experiences, paid internships, apprenticeships, full-time jobs, or advanced formal training opportunities. This solicitation aims to ensure that new and current employees, apprentices, journeypersons, and students have the skills, experiences, and qualifications they need to participate in New York’s growing clean energy economy.
  • Offshore Wind Workforce Training and Skills Development: Provides funding for training initiatives that advance technical skills and prepare workers for jobs in New York’s growing offshore wind industry.
  • Cooperative Advertising and Training for Clean Energy Partners: Provides funding to manufacturers and distributors of cold climate air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps to support sales, design, and/or installation training. 
  • Building Performance Institute Certification: In partnership with National Grid, NYSERDA is supporting training and BPI certification to eligible businesses and individuals with addresses in the National Grid service area. These training courses and certifications will help distinguish your business from competitors and equip your employees with the knowledge and skills to succeed.

Additional Opportunities & Resources for Businesses:

  • Connect with Partners: NYSERDA's Partner Connector facilitates connections among training providers, employers, community partners, and other organizations that are interested in forming partnerships and collaborating within our workforce development and training programs
  • Directory of Free Online Clean Energy Training: Lists training opportunities on a variety of clean energy topics available online at no cost according to category, training provider, and skill level
  • Expand Your Clean Energy Offerings: Discover opportunities and benefits of diversifying business models with clean energy products and service offerings.
  • Funding for Contractors & Installers: Access support to help hire new employees, train current employees, and diversify your business model with clean energy technologies and services.

If your business owns or operates a large commercial building, see "For Building Owners & Property Managers" to learn more about funding opportunities to train your building operations and maintenance staff.