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Resources for Income‑Eligible Households

Save money by saving energy at home.

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When you spend less on energy, you can save more for the things that matter most. Discover ways to start lowering your energy bills today.

How You’ll Benefit

  • Spend less money on heating, cooling, and electricity
  • Feel safer and more comfortable in your home
  • Work with community experts who understand your needs
  • Contribute to a cleaner and healthier community by reducing your carbon footprint

Programs and Tips to Save Energy

1. NY Energy Advisor

NY Energy Advisor connects renters and homeowners with a customized list of programs and services to save energy at home and create a healthier and more comfortable living space. Depending on your eligibility, programs can help pay monthly energy and fuel bills or connect you with no-cost, clean energy offerings, like community solar.

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2. Regional Clean Energy Hubs

Get one-on-one support from your Regional Clean Energy Hub to better understand clean energy programs and solutions that fit your needs. The Regional Clean Energy Hubs – teams of trusted, knowledgeable, community-based organizations from your area – have experience with clean energy, energy efficiency, workforce development, education, health, and housing. Hubs help and provide information to individuals, small businesses, and affordable housing owners about the benefits of clean energy, ways to reduce energy costs, and how to make more informed energy decisions.

Learn more about Regional Clean Energy Hubs

3. Community Solar

Renters and homeowners can subscribe to a community solar project to access the financial benefits from solar without purchasing or installing panels. With community solar, you’ll receive credits every month on your electric bill for the energy generated by your portion of the solar array. Subscriptions are short-term commitments and typically have no upfront costs.

Learn more about community solar

4. Energy-Saving Tips for Renters

Review our list of no-cost and low-cost energy-saving tips to start saving energy and money in your current home or find energy-efficient housing. Saving money on your energy bills can be as simple as adjusting the temperature setting on your thermostat or changing the air filter in your window air conditioner.

Find more energy-saving tips for renters

5. Tips for Homeowners

There are budget-friendly ways to start making energy-saving improvements in your home today. NYSERDA has both no-cost and low-cost energy tips to help you get started saving energy and money. Saving money on your energy bills can be as simple as switching to LED lights or changing the air filter in your furnace.

Find more energy-saving tips for homeowners


For a full list of programs for income eligible New Yorkers, visit our energy programs and incentives page.

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