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Residents & Homeowners

Take control of your home’s energy.

NYSERDA gives New York State homeowners and renters the tips, tools, and financial resources they need to have an energy-efficient home and lifestyle. Our goal is to help New Yorkers across all counties and income levels spend less on utility bills and increase the comfort of their homes.

Save energy in your home

There are many ways to save energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and increase the comfort of your home. Actions range from simple steps like upgrading lighting, to projects like properly sealing and insulating your home, to choosing a more sustainable energy supply by using solar panels. No matter what your budget is, NYSERDA can help you get started.

Discover ways to start saving energy in your home, whether you are an owner or renter. Learn about ways to increase the comfort and safety of your home, such as air sealing and insulating and effectively heating and cooling your home.

Reduce your carbon footprint and live sustainably

You can save energy and contribute to a cleaner community by rethinking some of your everyday activities. Whether it involves reducing emissions through clean transportation, improving air quality by using renewable energy, or updating or building a home to produce as much energy as it uses (or even more), NYSERDA has the expertise to help you live a sustainable lifestyle.

Start reducing your carbon footprint today.

Use energy-efficient products

Selecting, upgrading, and properly maintaining the right appliances and lighting can be one of the most cost-effective ways to save energy in your home. NYSERDA provides you with the information you need to help determine the most efficient and best product options for your home.

Learn more about efficient appliances and lighting.

Access approved contractors and financial resources

Whether it’s through home energy audits, incentives for advanced energy products and equipment, or income-eligible incentives, NYSERDA can help you reduce the cost of home energy improvements. Paired with an experienced contractor network, available financial resources help you take action and enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency.

Find a qualified contractor and financial resources you may be eligible for.


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