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Natural Gas Studies


Natural Gas Energy Efficiency Resource Development Potential in New York - October 2006

This study estimated the natural gas efficiency potential in New York for the 10-year period between 2007 and 2016; five years of gas efficiency programs and five years of post-program market effects. The study estimated the potential to reduce natural gas consumption resulting from cost-effective energy efficiency, evaluated and suggested natural gas efficiency programs for implementation, estimated natural gas efficiency potential resulting from the suggested programs, and assessed the potential impact of the proposed programs on the natural gas prices. The study scope included all applicable natural gas efficiency technologies, with the exception of fuel switching, electricity generation measures, and combined heat and power technologies. Additionally, the study addressed efficiency potential from all natural gas end-users in the buildings sector. The study analyzed more than 2,000 distinct efficiency measures, consisting of approximately 150 different technologies and practices applied to numerous facility types and market.

The Ability to Meet Future Gas Demands from Electricity Generation in New York State - July 2002

The study was initiated to address concerns about the adequacy of the New York gas delivery infrastructure for simultaneously meeting traditional gas demands and future gas demands for electric generation. These concerns have stemmed from existing delivery constraints in the downstate region, forecasted demand growth among traditional gas consumers, and the expectation that gas demands among the electric generation sector will grow rapidly as new gas-fired power plants are built to support increasing electric demands.

Gas Report [PDF]

LNG Study - November 1998

The Energy Planning Board also prepared a Report on Issues Regarding the Existing New York Liquefied Natural Gas Moratorium [PDF]. Issued in November 1998, the report was prepared to provide the Governor and the Legislature with information necessary to determine the need for further extension or modification of the existing State moratorium on the siting of new liquefied natural gas facilities and intrastate transportation routes.