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Switching to Induction Cooking


Know what to expect and feel prepared with questions to ask your contractor or appliance store.

What to Expect

  • If your stove is the only piece of equipment that uses gas in your home, you will need to contact your gas utility about shutting off your gas service once your induction stove is installed.
  • You may need to work with your contractor or gas utility to safely remove any gas or propane infrastructure like connection points, fuel lines, or tanks from your home or property.
  • You may need to work with your contractor or a qualified electrician to upgrade your electric service, induction does require a 240-volt outlet.
  • If you are switching from a standard electric stove, you should expect to see your electric bill go down.
  • If you are switching from gas or propane, your electric bill may go up — however your gas or fuel bill will go down as a result.
  • Test to see if your current pots and pans will work by simply holding a magnet to them — if the magnet is attracted to your cookware, it should work with your new induction stove.
  • If you find that you need to replace your old pots and pans, most kitchen stores sell many options that will work with your induction stove — popular choices include some stainless, blue, and carbon steel, as well as cast iron, enamel or ceramic-coated iron.
  • Start prepping all of your ingredients before any food hits the heat — review this helpful guide to start modifying your favorite recipes for your induction stove.

Ask the Right Questions

  • Questions for Your Kitchen Designer or Appliance Store
    • Do you host in-store demonstrations so I can learn more about induction firsthand?
    • Do you offer competitive financing options?
    • Are there any rebates available on the model I am purchasing?
    • What cleaning and maintenance routines do you recommend?
    • Do you have any contractors that you partner with or recommend for the installation?
  • Questions for Your Contractor
    • Does my electricity service need to be upgraded?
    • What should I do with my gas line and any other gas or propane infrastructure I have installed at my home?
    • Will I be able to shut off my gas service once the induction stove installation is complete?
    • What ideas do you have for a modular kitchen design to help me optimize my space?

Ready to make the switch to induction? NYSERDA recommends contacting your local appliance store to start learning. Many appliance stores also offer kitchen design services.

Don’t have a nearby kitchen designer or appliance store? Most major home improvement stores offer induction stoves, especially on their e-commerce sites.