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New York State Strategic Fuel Reserve


New York State relies on the continuous availability and resupply of gasoline and diesel fuel to maintain public safety, commerce, and the well-being and economic vitality of its residents, businesses, and governments. As New York State experienced after Superstorm Sandy in 2012, prolonged power outages and damaged fuel supply systems can significantly disrupt availability of gasoline and diesel fuel. These disruptions can prolong recovery efforts and delay getting back to daily life.

The New York State Strategic Fuel Reserve was established through the Fuel NYLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. Initiative as a direct response to Superstorm Sandy. The Fuel NY initiative is designed to mitigate disruptions to fuel distribution, and includes access to two fuel reserves in New York State and a gas station back-up generator program at strategic retail fueling stations.

If New York State declares an energy supply emergency, then NYSERDA can authorize the sale of fuel from the reserves to prequalified fuel distributors. These distributors would then make the fuel available for emergency responders, municipal customers, and retail outlets.

Eligible Participants

Fuel distributors must register with NYSERDA and demonstrate the capacity to transport and deliver gasoline and diesel fuel in New York State among other requirements. Fuel distributors who wish to be able to purchase fuel from the reserve must have a Terminal Access Agreement for each of the fuel reserve terminals around the State that they wish to be able to purchase fuel from.

Entities such as emergency responders, municipal customers, and retail outlets who wish to be able to receive fuel during a declared energy supply emergency should encourage their primary fuel supplier to register.

Prequalification Process

Fuel distributors must register, pass a credit check, and sign agreements to become prequalified before a declared energy supply emergency.  

After credit terms have been established, NYSERDA and the fuel distributor will sign a letter of agreement that will outline the sales terms and conditions for fuel purchases from the reserves and complete the prequalification process.

Sales Process

Only prequalified fuel distributors with signed agreements will be able to purchase and receive fuel from the reserves.  

NYSERDA , in conjunction with New York State, will determine sale, allocation volumes, prices, and other potential requirements. Those details will be available at the time of a declaration of sale. NYSERDA will issue a Notice of Release to its prequalified fuel distributors that fuel from the reserve will be made available for sale. Emergency conditions permitting, the Notice of Release will be emailed to the prequalified fuel distributors.

Prequalified fuel distributors may specify preferred contact methods, in order of preference, for the receipt of the Notice of Release. The total volumes, timeline for sale, pricing, targeted customer groups, and geographic markets will be identified at this time.


Eligible participants can email [email protected] to start the registration process. Please email with your contact information and a registration form will be provided. Once registered, a fuel distributor may submit fuel requests with a Fuel Request form which will be made available during an emergency event.