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Induction stoves are the smarter, safer, and healthier performance standard for modern kitchens.

Picture this:

It’s a few minutes past 6pm on Wednesday night and you just got home after picking up your kids from hockey practice. You ask them to get started on their homework but, no surprise, they’re hungry. Your partner is still driving back from a meeting that ran late and won’t be home to start dinner like usual. It’s been a crazy day, and all you want is an extra 30 minutes for yourself to sneak off to the gym and decompress.

You grab a pot of water and put it on the stove. The water is boiling almost instantly. Add a box of pasta. A few minutes later, add some broccoli florets. Drain. Scoop the hot food into bowls and stir in some butter and cheese. Give the glass cooktop, already cool, a quick wipe. Toss the pot into the dishwasher and bring the kids their bowls. As one celebrity chef would say, “BAM!”

Dinner is ready, hot, and healthy in under 15 minutes.

Your partner walks in the door to help the kids with homework and get them ready for bed. You grab your gym bag and head out the door for some much deserved “me time.”

Maybe you’ve been here before. Or maybe you're still cooking with gas?

The Benefits of Induction

Induction stoves not only offer time saving benefits to busy parents who just need to get a quick dinner on the table, they also offer performance benefits to more aspirational home chefs. With an induction stove, you can enjoy instant and accurate temperature control for those temperamental sauces and stocks, or unlock a wider range of high temperatures to get the perfect sear on your steaks.

More importantly, induction cooking delivers all these performance benefits and more without the harmful fumes that leak from gas stoves or the burn risk of a standard red hot electric coil — and they are super-efficient, making them healthier and safer for the planet as well as your home.

For all of these reasons and more, induction cooking was named a 2021-2022 ENERGY STAR® Emerging Technology Award-Winning System Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..

Consider these benefits of induction when shopping for your next kitchen stove:

Health and Safety Benefits

  • No gas — research shows that gas stoves leak methane and carbon monoxide into your home even when they are turned off.
  • Because there is no burner, heating element, or flames, pets and small children won’t accidentally turn on a dangerous surface — the pan gets hot, but the stove does not!
  • Since the glass-ceramic cooktop does not actually get hot to the touch, you will not burn spilled foods, that potholder you left on the cooktop, or your fingers.
  • Many models are “smart” and will shut off if they do not sense a pan.

Performance Benefits

  • Rapid heating — boil water in about 2-3 minutes and heat your pans almost instantly.
  • Temperatures can be raised or lowered with immediate response.
  • Many models have digital controls, allowing you to accurately set exact cooking temperatures — no more trying to judge a flickering flame, or blasts of high heat that cool down, to then blast heat again.
  • Induction stoves let cooks access a wider range of temperatures with less fuss.
  • Pan surfaces heat up evenly and without any hot spots.
  • No coils, no burners, no grates — glass-ceramic cooktops that cool down immediately are easy to clean.

Additional Benefits

  • Flexible Design - induction is available in three different options:

    range icon Ranges – these are 4-6 element cooktops attached to an electric convection oven. Typically, this option “slides in” to a spot between counters.

    Cooktop Icon Cooktop – these 4-5 element cooktops are typically installed in a countertop with hardwired electrical and are not attached to an oven, making them great for modular kitchen designs.

    stove icon Portable Units – these 1-2 element portable units sit on a flat surface and plug into any standard wall outlet. These units are less powerful than full-sized induction ranges and cooktops but are a great option as an affordable electrification option for renters who cannot convert their stoves.

  • Energy Efficient — because all the energy goes directly to the pan, induction is 85-90% efficient.
  • Cooler Kitchen — there is virtually no heat waste, which means less heat going into the air, leaving your kitchen more comfortable during the summer.
  • Induction helps you get off fossil fuels without sacrificing performance — in fact, induction stoves perform better than gas stoves!

See for Yourself

Watch Chef Lorenzo Beronilla, winner of "Top Chef Amateur", prepare a delicious meal on an induction stove in front of a live audience at the Troy Farmers Market.