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Incentive Dashboard


NYSERDA offers financial incentives to install energy storage systems for nonresidential, large commercial, industrial, and single-family residential projects. Our incentives are divided into —New York City, Westchester, Rest of State (ROS), and Long Island. Currently, incentives for single-family residential projects are only available in Long Island for projects that are paired with solar under NY-Sun. We provide information on the current incentive levels by sector and region in the Megawatt hour (MWh) Block Dashboards.

What’s a MWh Block? 

Energy storage assigns a certain amount of incentives to each of the regions. Each region is then broken into blocks that are designated an allocation of MWh eligible for incentives. Incentives remain available until all blocks within a region are fully subscribed.

NYSERDA intends to phase out incentives within a reasonable timeframe as storage costs decline and the market for energy storage systems becomes self-sustaining. The MWh block structure also supports energy storage markets in the areas where system benefits are the greatest and support is needed most.

How to Use the Dashboard

When viewing the dashboard, hold your cursor over a column in any chart to get the details you need. You can find the information outlined below on the dashboard. Block status is updated as applications are submitted.

  • Status of each block: open or closed
  • Incentive rate per kWh
  • Available budget