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Industrial Programs

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Increase profitability. Create a competitive advantage. Achieve greater resiliency.

From product design to processing raw materials into finished goods, energy powers manufacturing from start to finish. NYSERDA is helping industrial manufacturers manage energy in a coordinated and strategic way—allowing businesses to increase profitability, create competitive advantages, and achieve greater resiliency.

How you benefit

Energy management brings many benefits to industrial manufacturers:

  • Drive lean manufacturing and continuous improvement with efficient processes that decrease costs, overproduction, and waste
  • Increase profitability through long-term, reduced energy costs
  • Improve the reliability and decrease downtime of your systems and equipment
  • Ensure worker safety, security, and comfort across your manufacturing plants
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and healthier community

Energy-saving programs and support

Learn how to identify, implement, and measure energy optimization opportunities to reduce costs.

Consider participating in this program if you are interested in:

  • Starting an energy management program or strategy
  • Looking to better understand and manage energy costs across your organization
  • Building sustainability into your business practices
  • Implementing or improving six sigma or lean manufacturing practices

Get objective, site-specific technical assistance on how your company can benefit from energy efficiency.

Consider participating in this program if you are interested in:

  • Identifying energy saving opportunities to optimize operations and reduce costs
  • Establishing a baseline of your energy performance
  • Investigating new ways to improve system and process improvements

Work with an on-site energy manager to help you actively manage energy use and lower costs.

Consider participating in this program if you are interested in:

  • Looking to more effectively allocate and organize energy management responsibilities
  • Working to increase the skills of your employees in efficient operations
  • Investing in new equipment, systems, and technologies
  • Interested in creating a culture of sustainability and efficiency in your facility