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Tap into a large and growing market for energy efficiency improvements

NYSERDA’s Residential Energy Audit program provide no cost energy assessments to homeowners who are interested in learning more about their home’s energy performance. The contractors who provide these audits are compensated by NYSERDA.

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NYSERDA’s EmPower+ Program connects income-eligible homeowners with contractors qualified to complete home energy efficiency upgrades. To qualify for incentives and financing, consumers are required to work with participating contractors that hold certifications for the work they are performing through the program.

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The Comfort Home Pilot provides incentives for installing standard load reduction packages focused on envelope improvements, educating customers about heat pumps and referring interested customers to a qualified NYS Clean Heat Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. - air source or ground source heat pump installer.

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Are you a homeowner?

NYSERDA has created a statewide network of partners who offer energy efficiency solutions that can help reduce your energy usage and costs. Find out the benefits of hiring certified contractors.