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Tracking Progress

New York’s nation-leading climate and clean energy goals are driving greenhouse gas emissions reduction and adoption of renewable technologies. The State is continually assessing progress toward these goals to inform program development, investment, and policy decisions.

NYSERDA's Goals and Areas We Impact

NYSERDA’s five core mission outcomes are:

Measuring Our Progress

NYSERDA Transparency Plan

In response to the Government Transparency Initiative memo (Memo) [PDF] of September 20, 2021, NYSERDA conducted a review of internal policies and procedures and addressed each bullet point from the Memo to assess the current and ongoing efforts regarding transparency and accountability.

A summary is available of NYSERDA’s existing, extensive transparency efforts, as well as action items that describe the changes NYSERDA will implement to increase the transparency of its work, along with schedules and monitoring plans to ensure the effectiveness and timeliness of the action items.