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For Organized Labor


Supporting high quality careers in clean energy.

New York State is home to strong organized labor movements with the expertise to train the workforce needed to support the clean energy transition. NYSERDA’s workforce development and training solutions provide funding and resources to attract new talent, develop the skills of current members of organized labor, and build the capacity to meet our Climate Act goals.

NYSERDA is pleased to support training and real-world experience in partnership with organized labor that is helping prepare New Yorkers to enter the thriving clean energy workforce. With a pipeline of renewable energy and building decarbonization projects moving towards operation, with many more to come as we scale up to achieve the State’s Climate Act goals. NYSERDA understands that it is critically important to develop the talent needed in all areas of the clean energy industry and continue to foster the record job growth already seen during our transition to a clean energy economy.

Funding Opportunities and Wage Support Programs

  • Clean Energy Training for Pre-Apprentices, Apprentices, and Journey Workers: Provides funding to create and/or expand the capacity of Direct Entry Pre-apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship programs as a pathway to high-quality, family sustaining careers.
  • Offshore Wind Workforce Training and Skills Development: Provides funding for training initiatives that advance technical skills and prepare workers for jobs in New York’s growing offshore wind industry. The minimum cost share required for qualifying union-led projects and qualifying pre-apprenticeship programs is only 10 percent.
  • Energy Efficiency & Clean Energy Technology Training: Supports the building or expansion of New York State training infrastructure and capacity to strengthen the skills of new and existing workers to build a pipeline of skilled talent for the Energy Efficiency and Clean Technology (EE&CT) labor market. The minimum cost share required for qualifying union-led projects and qualifying pre-apprenticeship programs is only 10 percent.
  • On-the-Job Training: NYSERDA’s On-The-Job Training for Energy Efficiency and Clean Technology program will provide wage subsidies to eligible entities to help reduce the financial risk of hiring and training new workers. The program provides reimbursement for up to 75% of a new hire’s wages for their first 16-24 weeks of employment.
  • Clean Energy Internships: Helps prepare the next generation of clean energy professionals by funding pre-apprenticeships as well as internships for students and recent graduates.

Additional Opportunities & Resources

  • Hiring Priority Populations: Explore guidance and support for ensuring a just transition for current and displaced fossil fuel workers in New York State.
  • Hiring Disadvantaged Community Populations: Explore guidance and support for advancing equity and inclusion in recruitment and hiring.
  • Connect with Partners: NYSERDA's Partner Connector facilitates connections among training providers, employers, community partners, and other organizations that are interested in forming partnerships and collaborating within our workforce development and training programs.
  • Directory of Free Online Clean Energy Training: Lists training opportunities on a variety of clean energy topics available online at no cost according to category, training provider, and skill level.