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Use of Auction Proceeds


NYSERDA designed and implemented a process to develop and annually update an Operating Plan which summarizes and describes the initiatives to be supported by RGGI auction proceeds. The RGGI Operating Plan is designed to strategically invest across disciplines, economy wide, in a way that supports comprehensive strategies that best advance the CO2 emission reductions goals of the State.

The Operating Plan includes:

  1. Summary of Program Benefits resulting from the entire RGGI portfolio
  2. Portfolio development criteria
  3. Program descriptions and budgets
  4. Descriptions of the measurement, verification, and evaluation methods that will be used to judge the impacts and success of the programs, and
  5. A quantification of NYSERDA’s costs for administration and evaluation of the programs.

The most recent version of the Operating Plan can be viewed here:

Similar to other programs that NYSERDA administers, stakeholder input is important to us. On an annual basis, the Authority engages stakeholders representing the environmental community, the electric generation community, consumer benefit organizations and interested members of the general public to assist with the development of an annual update to the Operating Plan. NYSERDA seeks feedback on the design and implementation of programs described in the Operating Plan to help us maximize the effectiveness of RGGI funded programs.

RGGI Public Session - December 20, 2023

A public session was held to complement the RGGI Stakeholder Meeting that NYSERDA hosted on Friday, December 8th.

RGGI Stakeholder Meeting - December 8, 2023 

Meeting Materials

Stakeholder Comments on the 2024 Draft Amendment

You can find documents related to past RGGI Meetings, as well as previous versions of the RGGI Operating Plan, on the Useful Documents page.