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How the Drive Clean Rebate Works


More than 60 models of electric cars are available from major automobile manufacturers today. Find out which one best fits your driving style.

Open to all New York State residents, the Drive Clean Rebate offers a point-of-sale rebate towards the purchase or lease of a new electric car. Taking advantage of the Drive Clean Rebate is very easy: simply purchase a qualifying electric car from a participating dealer, and a discount of up to $2,000 will be applied when you pay. Combine that with a Federal Tax Credit of up to $7,500, and it’s an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss.

How the Rebate Works

Find your favorite plug-in hybrid or battery-powered car
Go to the nearest participating dealer and test drive the electric car you like
Get up to $2,000 off your electric car purchase

Drive Clean Rebate Amounts

The rebate that you will get on your new electric car depends on how much battery-only range the car has. The following table outlines the rebate thresholds. If you already have a specific car model in mind, view the Drive Clean Rebate amount for each qualifying model.

Drive Clean Rebates for Electric Cars Purchased After June 30, 2021

The Drive Clean Rebate amount depends on the EPA all-electric range for that car model.

Greater than 200 miles
$2,000 OFF

40 to 199 miles
$1,000 OFF

Less than 40 miles
$500 OFF

Electric cars with MSRP >$42,000
(MSRP is the manufacturer's suggested retail price
$500 OFF

Drive Clean Rebate Eligible Models

With more than 60 car models to choose from that qualify for the Drive Clean Rebate, you’re bound to find an electric car that best fits your style, budget and driving needs. Any new car sale of the models in the following table are eligible for the rebate, regardless of model year. Unless a specific model year is indicated, all model years of a car model are eligible for the same rebate amount.

Learn more about these models.

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