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Building Operations & Performance

Unlock your building’s full potential.

Smart buildings cost less to operate; increase profitability; and have greater comfort, appeal, and marketability. Regardless of your budget or investment, there are technologies and solutions that can optimize your building’s performance and lead to long-term savings.


How you benefit

  • Gain greater insight into your building’s performance and operations
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs and extend the life span of your equipment
  • Create more comfort, productivity, and satisfaction with a smarter building
  • Mitigate risk and increase resiliency by avoiding unexpected equipment breakdowns
  • Increase safety across your buildings and facilities and reduce the risk of injury
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner community

When to consider

Building operations and performance solutions may be good for your business if you are:

  • Looking for a centralized way to monitor and manage energy use
  • Managing and running multiple pieces of equipment
  • Managing a portfolio of buildings
  • Managing a building or spaces with different heating and cooling needs
  • Interested in making your building safer and more comfortable
  • Working to increase your business’s asset portfolio value
  • Working to demonstrate leadership in innovation by adopting new technologies
  • Trying to obtain or improve a green building certification for your building

Discover building operations and performance solutions

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    Take the first step—get professional guidance to identify cost-effective, energy saving opportunities that will maximize your building’s performance and save you money.
    Read More Retro-commissioning
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    Preventive Operations & Maintenance

    Update your preventive maintenance plan to ensure your building is operating as efficiently as possible.
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  • Hands holding real-time tablet data in foreground with technician adjusting pipes in background

    Real Time Energy Management

    Discover the next generation of building technologies—learn how your building is performing in real time, detect equipment faults, and uncover opportunities to optimize your energy use.
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  • Technician on phone at command center termnal

    Intelligent Demand Management & Response

    Reduce your utility bills by using less energy during periods of peak electricity demand.
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