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Electric School Buses

Creating healthier schools and communities while reducing harmful emissions

New York is transitioning to a 100% zero-emission electric school bus (or ESB) fleet by 2035. ESBs are powered by rechargeable electric batteries that run off New York’s clean energy grid and produce zero tailpipe emissions.  By contrast, diesel and gasoline buses emit pollutants linked to asthma and respiratory illnesses, posing harm to children’s health and development. Phasing out New York’s diesel and gas school bus fleet entirely by 2035 will ensure the health and safety of the 1.5 million students who ride the bus every day, the drivers and technicians who keep the buses running smoothly, and communities across the State.

The Environmental Bond Act, passed by New Yorkers in 2022, offers both public school districts and contracted fleet operators over $500 million in funding toward school bus electrification. This and other State and federal incentives and resources are available to help school districts efficiently and cost-effectively convert their fleet for a cleaner, electric future.

Leverage NYSBIP Funding and Incentives

The New York School Bus Incentive Program (NYSBIP) provides vouchers to help fund the acquisition of new electric school buses and associated charging infrastructure.

Access Fleet Electrification Planning Assistance

NYSERDA can connect school districts with experts and funding to perform fleet electrification plans at low or no cost.

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