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Clean Energy Training for (Pre-) Apprentices and Journey Workers


NYSERDA is seeking proposals to grow a diverse, equitable, and inclusive pipeline of skilled talent for the clean energy labor market to meet the requirements of a clean energy economy and advance the climate equity and just transition goals of New York’s Climate Act. Projects funded through this solicitation are intended to create and/or expand the capacity of Direct Entry Pre-apprenticeship and Registered Apprenticeship programs as a pathway to high-quality, family supporting jobs. Eligible initiatives must include clean energy technical training in target areas (developing new or expanding existing clean energy training capacity) and hands-on experience for pre-apprentices, apprentices, and/or journey workers, ensuring they have the skills and qualifications required to meet the demands of a clean energy economy.

How much funding is available?

NYSERDA will accept proposals requesting up to $750,000 per project commensurate with the scale of training proposed. Projects that further include K-12 career awareness and outreach can access up to an additional $150,000 in NYSERDA funding for a maximum project total of up to $900,000. Cost share is not required but encouraged.

What are the basic requirements?

For Registered Apprenticeship Programs and journey worker training, a minimum of 50% of training participants must be from Disadvantaged Communities or Priority Populations. Projects that include Direct Entry Pre-apprenticeship Programs must ensure that at least 50% of training participants are from Disadvantaged Communities. Projects that exclusively train individuals from Disadvantaged Communities or Priority Populations will be given higher consideration.

Additionally, all projects must:

  • Be carried out by experienced and qualified Training Providers.
  • Explain the types of jobs/occupations and associated skills that trainees will be prepared for after training is completed.
  • Include the delivery of technical training in one or more of the applicable technology areas and prepare workers for expansion or entry into clean energy jobs in New York.
  • Provide workforce preparation activities (e.g., job readiness, coaching/mentoring, financial literacy) and wraparound services (e.g., care coordination, transportation, child support services, mental health counseling) and/or stipends to support individuals with barriers to employment.
  • Continue training after NYSERDA funding has been exhausted.

For any K-12 career awareness and outreach element, at least 50% of participating schools or afterschool/summer programs must be located in a Disadvantaged Community or serve a majority of students from Disadvantaged Communities.

Who is eligible to apply?

Entities that are eligible for funding under this Program, “Training Providers,” include:

  • A bona fide labor organization
  • A labor management committee or a training center affiliated with a bona fide labor organization
  • An active New York State Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program or Direct Entry Pre-apprenticeship Program affiliated with a bona fide labor organization.

Eligible "Training Providers" should have a demonstrated history of training and placing individuals from Disadvantaged Communities or Priority Populations into training programs or jobs in the relevant technology area(s).

What are the eligible technology areas?

  • Building electrification and enabling energy efficiency technologies and practices to support electrification (e.g., heat pumps, geothermal, thermal energy network systems, advanced building controls, high-performance envelope, and weatherization)
  • Renewable energy generation, interconnection, transmission, distribution, and storage
  • Electric vehicle charging station installation and repair.

Which training initiatives can be funded?

  • Curriculum development or modification
  • Technical training delivery (online, classroom, on-site, etc.)
  • Equipment purchased for hands-on training, virtual reality training, and mobile training labs
  • Training of trainers
  • Mentorship programs
  • Development or expansion of pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs. (PON 4000 further provides incentives for pre-apprentices)
  • K-12 career awareness and outreach programs and activities
  • Marketing and outreach directed to recruiting individuals from Disadvantaged Communities and Priority Populations

How to Apply

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