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RTEM + Tenants Program


Commercial office tenants play a critical role in achieving lasting reductions in a building's overall demand, energy intensity, and carbon footprint. NYSERDA’S RTEM + Tenants Program promotes the comprehensive monitoring and management of commercial office buildings' energy, electricity demand and carbon footprint spanning the core building areas, shared common spaces, and tenant spaces.

How the Program Works

The RTEM + Tenant Program provides cost sharing of up to 33% for RTEM system implementation and services for up to three years. Office buildings must include multiple tenants, and the program requires an RTEM system that monitors at least 75 percent of total building energy consumption, including tenant loads, as well as a robust tenant engagement plan.

Get Started

NYSERDA qualifies vendors who are experts in delivering the highest-quality RTEM service for commercial office spaces. Our partnered vendors offer advice and support throughout the project—from installation to continued monitoring and optimization.

Get started by reading the full funding opportunityLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. or by selecting a NYSERDA-qualified RTEM + Tenant qualified vendor.