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Executive Order 22: Leading by Example, signed by Governor Hochul in September 2022, highlighted and consolidated the State’s critical environmental and sustainability efforts. The executive order Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. provides momentum for the GreenNY Council and Affected Entities to continue working toward reducing our environmental impact, and contributing to a greener, safer future for New York State.

21–22 Greening New York State Report

The fiscal year (FY) 21–22 Greening New York State report lays out how the 75 Affected Entities covered by Executive Order 22 (E.O. #22) have taken action to lower the environmental footprint of State government across a wide range of areas, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing waste, decreasing the use of hazardous substances, and enhancing the landscapes that we manage in the face of climate change and other threats. The holistic nature of the State’s GreenNY program is one of its greatest strengths as New York State blazes a trail for others to follow.

Read the GreenNY 21-22 Report