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Best Practice Guides and Cases


NYSERDA provides a series of case studies and best practice guides for charging station hosts, installers, and communities that help people navigate the process for permitting, buying, installing, and operating charging stations.

General Guides for Site Owners & Developers

  • The Promoting EV Charging Stations Guide [PDF] helps commercial and residential property developers with planning and preparing for the installation of EV charging stations. The guide contains valuable EV charging station information, developer benefits, installation strategies, incentives & funding resources, example building codes, and other planning best practices.
  • The Best Practices Guide [PDF] is for commercial site owners considering the installation of an EV charging station. It addresses topics such as determining if a location is a good fit for an EV charging station, which type of charging station to purchase, where to place it in the parking lot, who can install it, and how to manage its operations.
  • Workplace Charging Guide [PDF] provides an overview of the potential benefits of installing charging stations at workplaces and information to help employers through the process of planning, installing, and managing EV charging stations.
  • Level 2 EV Chargers: An Ownership Perspective [PDF] provides a qualitative view to the value proposition, revenue models and benefits of owning and hosting Level 2 charging stations, which charge significantly faster than Level 1 EV chargers.

Installing Charging Stations

Policy Guides

  • Local Regulations Guide [PDF] provides an overview of building and electrical codes and their relation to EVs, highlighting best practices from around the world to make recommendations for jurisdictions in the Northeast.
  • Workplace Electric Vehicle Charging Policies Guide [PDF] provides recommendations on a range of best practices for employers that want to implement policies to govern the use of workplace charging stations.
  • DC Fast Charger Streamlined Permitting Guidebook [PDF] provides an overview of DCFC permitting challenges in New York and administrative and technical best practices for both permit applicants and permitting authorities. The Guidebook includes tools such as model ordinances and a sample permit application.

Case Studies

NYSERDA’s EV case studies cover a range of EV charging station installation examples from across New York State. They reflect a wide range of business models and installation scenarios and are listed here by end-use type for ease of reference:

Also available are more reports on EV policies and research, as well as data about charging station usage.