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Residential and Property Owner Income-Eligible Programs


If you are an income-eligible New Yorker, or own income-eligible rental property, we can help you find ways to save money and energy on your bills.

Many New Yorkers are eligible for these programs, including:

  • Renters
  • Homeowners
  • Owners of affordable multifamily buildings
  • Veterans receiving disability benefits
  • People on a fixed income or social security
  • People participating in HEAP, SNAP, TANF, and other electric bill assistance programs
  • Fully or partially employed individuals couples and families

Statewide Programs for Residents

Provides no-cost home energy assessments and no-cost/low-cost efficiency solutions to income-eligible New Yorkers. Whether you own your home or rent, a participating contractor will assess if your home would benefit from energy upgrades including, lighting installation, insulation improvements, refrigerator/freezer replacements, and more.

Gives income-eligible homeowners and renters the benefits of solar who may not otherwise be able to access clean energy.  New York State is funding solar farms to help income-eligible households save up to $180 per year on electricity bills with no upfront costs or installation hassle.

Statewide Programs for Multifamily Affordable Property Owners

A combined effort of NYSERDA and the Joint Utilities of New York, offers incentives for the installation of energy efficient equipment and technology to affordable multifamily buildings with five or more units. The equipment and technology can reduce overall energy use and maintenance costs, while increasing operating efficiencies and improving tenant comfort.

Looking for ways to increase the value of your building and tenant comfort? You can lower operational costs, improve tenant satisfaction, and reduce maintenance time by making your property more energy efficient. Work with a NYSERDA-qualified solutions provider and access incentives up to $3,500 per unit when you make energy upgrades in your affordable property.

Stakeholder Engagement

The Joint Utilities and NYSERDA use stakeholder feedback to inform current programs and identify new opportunities. If you are interested in learning more about stakeholder input sessions or accessing documents related to previous New Efficiency: New York stakeholder meetings visit our Stakeholder Resources page.