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Build it clean, build it in New York

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We’re looking to connect with clean energy manufacturers, supply chain companies, and other professionals and organizations working to advance New York’s clean energy economy.

  • Are you a manufacturer of clean energy technologies or equipment looking to locate or expand in New York State?
  • Are you an economic development professional interested in learning how NYSERDA programs can support projects in your community?
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Why Choose New York For Your Business?

New York’s nation-leading clean energy and climate goals Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. are catalyzing investment and job growth, but the Empire State has many more strategic advantages.


Diverse Talent

Home to a diverse talent pool of 165,000+ clean energy workers with the education, training, and skills to take your business to the next level.


Competitive Incentives

Tax credits and financial incentives to help you invest in your workforce, locate in strategic areas, and make cost-effective, energy-saving investments.


Development-Ready Sites

A successful track record of developing shovel-ready sites for manufacturing and industry.


Innovation and Resources

World-class education and research institutions and substantial funding establish an innovation infrastructure for new clean energy solutions.


Track Record of Success

Demonstrated experience nurturing and developing clean energy manufacturing and supply chain investment.


Clean and Reliable Electric Grid

Low-cost, clean power from an increasingly renewable, flexible, and resilient electricity system.


New York’s Robust Clean Energy Industries

To achieve the emission reduction and renewable generation goals of the Climate Act Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page., New York State is mobilizing investment in clean energy products and services in key market segments, including:

  • Energy Efficiency: To meet the goal of reducing on-site energy use by 185 trillion BTUs by 2025, New York is prioritizing the efficiency and decarbonization of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, especially in low- and moderate-income homes.
  • Energy Storage: New York is supporting the deployment of 1,500 MW of energy storage by 2025 and 3,000 MW by 2030.
  • Hydrogen: New York is supporting demonstration projects and research and development of clean hydrogen solutions to advance decarbonization, especially in hard-to-electrify sectors (e.g., industry).
  • Offshore Wind: With a goal of 9,000 MW of offshore wind by 2035, New York is building the nation’s largest offshore wind pipeline. Investments in offshore wind ports, manufacturing, and infrastructure will create thousands of jobs and economic benefits across the State.
  • Onshore Wind: By 2035, New York is planning for 4,000 MW of onshore wind capacity.
  • Solar: New York is ramping up solar development to reach 6,000 MW of distributed solar by 2025 and achieve a 100% zero-emission electricity system by 2040.
  • Vehicle Electrification: New York will require 100% light-duty zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) sales by 2035 and 100% medium- and heavy-duty ZEV sales by 2040. New York is prioritizing investment in charging infrastructure and ZEV manufacturing to achieve a clean transportation system.

These Companies Found a Clean Energy Partner in New York

From emerging startups to established firms, New York is partnering with businesses and innovators advancing clean energy solutions and services.

New York State Programs and Opportunities

NYPA: Low-Cost Power

NYPA offers low-cost power Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. from its hydropower facilities to support business operation and expansion in the Niagara region and in the counties near the St. Lawrence Power Project.

Utility Programs

New York’s utilities offer support and incentives for manufacturing companies and businesses that locate or expand their service territory in New York.

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