Doing Business with NYSERDA

NYSERDA contracts with a variety of firms, individuals, institutions, and organizations for engineering, scientific, technical, and other services for its R&D and deployment programs. Our technical staff, comprising engineers, economists, biologists, physicists, mathematicians, and other trained specialists, work closely with proposers to develop and manage NYSERDA projects. NYSERDA's Director of Contract Management oversees all contract activities.

Contacting NYSERDA
Yes No Notes
Can I contact a solication's designated contact regarding a solicitation? A designated contact will be listed in the solicitation documents.
Can I speak to a someone not listed as a designated contact about a solicitation? Staff will refer you to the designated contact.
Can I try to influence a designated contact for a solicitation? This contact is recorded. Contacts in violation of Public Officers' Law (anti-bribery) ae impermissible.
Can I try to influence a a contact not listed in the solicitation? This may result in contractor disqualification.

Research Priorities

Project proposals should reflect the priorities in NYSERDA's multi-year research program plan, Toward a Clean Energy Future: A Three-Year Strategic Outlook [PDF|11.2MB].

Submitting Proposals For R&D Solicitations:

Learn how NYSERDA helps cleantech companies invest in their future and see if you can qualify for help with your next project.

Watch the Clean Energy Technology: Innovation Starts with Research and Development Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. video.

Contracts and Solicitations

NYSERDA contracts are initiated by two methods: competitive solicitations and unsolicited proposals. NYSERDA uses competitive solicitations to the maximum extent possible. Notices of competitive solicitations are provided to individuals, firms, and organizations through the New York State Contract Reporter, the State Register (when applicable), posts to NYSERDA's website, and targeted postal mail and email.

Competitive solicitations are open to all qualified firms. Proposals are expeditiously and vigorously peer reviewed. Successful proposers are awarded projects under NYSERDA's streamlined contracting process.

NYSERDA fosters and promotes the participation of minority- women- and service disabled-owned as business enterprises in its programs.

To obtain paper copies of the Guide to Doing Business with NYSERDA [PDF], standard contract and recoupment terms, and further information about NYSERDA's contracting policies, contact Jillina Baxter at:


NYSERDA maintains a high standard of ethics. To further this standard, all parties doing business with NYSERDA are required to adhere to the Code of Conduct for NYSERDA Contractors [PDF], Consultants, and Vendors.

Data Governance

NYSERDA has adopted a Data Classification and Security Controls policy [PDF]. The policy describes how to receive, share, and store data and documents based on the sensitivity of the data. Contractors conducting work on behalf of NYSERDA are required to comply with the policy in order to manage information entrusted to NYSERDA and its contractors in a way that uniformly protects confidentiality so that the risk of inappropriately releasing or inadvertently providing access to certain information is reduced to an acceptable level.

Accessibility Requirements

NYSERDA is required under State and federal law and policy to make web site content (web pages, images, and applications) and web-published documents (PDF, MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Excel, etc.) accessible to people with disabilities. Semantically correct and properly formatted documents and web pages are critical for accessible content. For example, a screen or text reader can convert the text of a properly formatted electronic document or web page into speech so a person with a visual disability can successfully hear the text of the web page or document.

View NYSERDA's Accessibility Requirements [PDF], which also includes links to the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines as well as tutorials for creating accessible web content. For details on applying appropriate alternative text to images, charts, or other visuals, refer to the Creating and Applying Alt Text Guide [PDF].

Information Security

The NYS Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) establishes and regularly updates policies, standards, and guidelines for information security (collectively referred to as “ITS Security Policies”) for State Entities, including NYSERDA. Contractors, vendors, and solution providers conducting work on behalf of NYSERDA including, but not limited to, application development, web development, hosting, or managing NYSERDA’s sensitive data are required to comply with the NYS requirements.  These requirements include, but are not limited to, the NYS Information Security Policy NYS-P03-002 which sets forth the minimum requirements, responsibilities and accepted behaviors to establish and maintain a secure environment and achieve the State's information security objectives. In addition to this umbrella policy, the following standards establish specific minimum information security requirements:

A complete list of ITS Security Policies is available at:

Contractor shall notify NYSERDA’s Information Security Officer immediately upon discovery or notification of any security breaches or vulnerabilities:

Report Template

The NYSERDA Report Content Guide[PDF] explains how to prepare and submit a report deliverable specified in a contract with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

Please use the NYSERDA Report Template and Example [DOC] when drafting your report. Consult the formatting guide [PDF] for more information. NYSERDA will publish the finished report deliverable.

Direct questions about content and formatting of report deliverables to your NYSERDA Project Manager or Diane Welch in NYSERDA Marketing at 518-862-1090, x3276 or

Use of this template and its related guidance is not required for proposals or responses to NYSERDA funding opportunities or other solicitations. Consult the solicitation to see if there are any formatting requirements for the proposal, and contact the person listed on the solicitation if you have additional questions.

Logo Request

Use of the NYSERDA Logo requires prior approval. NYSERDA has strict logo policies. To protect the integrity of the NYSERDA brand and ensure that the contractors and other organizations appropriately identify their relationship with NYSERDA, a logo request must be submitted. Fill out the logo request formLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. and upload a sample of how the logo will be used. NYSERDA considers each request to be unique and evaluates each one accordingly.

Linking Policy

For information on linking to NYSERDA's website, see NYSERDA's linking policy.