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Careers in Energy Assessments

Energize your future with a career in Energy Assessments

Did you know you can get free professional training to learn how to do energy assessments and start a rewarding, well-paying career without a college degree? Sometimes you can even earn while you learn!

But what exactly are energy assessments?

It’s very common for homes and buildings to have energy problems. It might be an old furnace, outdated lighting, or any number of issues.

Energy assessments are the first step to solving energy inefficiency challenges, while helping people save money and be safer. That’s because energy assessments find where homes and buildings are inefficient or unsafe and give recommendations for how to fix the problem. It’s sort of like getting a list of ingredients before you make a recipe.

That makes energy assessments an increasingly popular choice for New Yorkers. It also makes a career in energy assessments a really smart path for job seekers who want to set themselves up for a rewarding, stable, and successful future—and even if you don’t know much about energy assessments now, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn how to help people use less energy, save money, and live a better quality of life!

Why Work in Energy Assessments?

Key Career Opportunities in Energy Assessments

1. Energy Efficiency Technician

Energy Efficiency Technicians help New Yorkers use less energy, save money, and live safer, healthier lives. That’s because Energy Efficiency Technicians actually visit homes and buildings to do energy assessments and recommend energy-efficient improvements. An energy assessment is often recommended as the first step when solving energy problems, so Energy Efficiency Technicians play an important part in helping people choose clean energy. 

2. Energy Efficiency Program Assistant

Energy efficiency programs are often started to help more people afford to pay for some of the work that may need to go into an energy-saving improvement. The programs usually work by giving people extra money to help them pay for their energy efficiency project. Energy Efficiency Program Assistants are responsible for the important administrative tasks that allow energy efficiency programs to run smoothly. If you have strong organizational skills and love working with people, this is a great job for you. 

3. Building Energy Analyst

A Building Energy Analyst’s job is similar to that of an Energy Efficiency Technician, except Building Energy Analysts generally have more of a science or engineering background. Building Energy Analysts can provide energy-saving advice for more technical projects such as larger buildings and apartment complexes. This rewarding career is great for job seekers who are interested in greening our spaces.

An Inclusive Career

For the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy to work, we need to make sure that everyone gets a seat at the table. That includes clean energy career opportunities like energy assessments.

New York State works hard to meet the needs of all New Yorkers. Specialized services, programs, and specially trained staff Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. are available to assist job seekers.

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