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Scrappage Requirements


Vehicles purchased or leased with NYTVIP funds must be matched vehicle-for-vehicle with the retirement of an old diesel vehicle with a 1992 through 2009 model year engine. A fleet must scrap a qualifying diesel vehicle that has a similar weight and duty cycle as the new vehicle replacing it; has been operated, registered, and domiciled in New York State for at least 24 of the past 27 months prior to scrappage;  and meets the minimum annual mileage requirements during those prior two years (see Voucher Funding Sources and Requirements page for mileage requirements).

Scrappage Ownership Flexibility: If a fleet does not have a scrappage-eligible vehicle, a vehicle may be procured from another fleet entity for the purpose of scrappage, providing records are available confirming that vehicle meets all eligibility requirements over the prior two years.

Scrappage must be performed by an Participating Vehicle Dismantler[XLSX] facility and is a required step in the Voucher Redemption process. Before the new zero-emission vehicle is delivered, fleets must contact a Participating Vehicle Dismantler and arrange for a date of scrappage within 21 days of new vehicle delivery. Failure to comply with all applicable scrappage requirements will result in the rejection of a voucher payment request, which means the fleet must pay the full (unreduced) vehicle price to the Contractor.

A vehicle shall be considered “scrapped” when rendered inoperable and available for recycling, by drilling a 3-inch diameter hole in the engine block and disabling the chassis by cutting the vehicle’s frame rails or integrated body completely in half.

The vehicle must arrive at the Vehicle Dismantler location with the chassis attached, the engine intact, and in drivable condition. Do not remove anything from the truck except for personal items. The program cannot process grant funding reimbursements until the scrappage is satisfactorily completed and photographed. Failure to comply with applicable scrappage instructions will result in the rejection of a Voucher Redemption Payment on behalf of the fleet.

For more information on the scrappage process see the NYTVIP Scrappage Document and FAQ [PDF].

Read the Scrappage Operator Information Sheet [PDF].

Click to find a Participating Vehicle Dismantler [XLSX].