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Careers in Land-Based Wind

Energize your future with a career in Land-based Wind Energy

Did you know? Wind energy is a field that's growing fast in New York State, and you can be paid to get trained, learn new skills, and start your career.

You may have seen wind turbines while driving around New York. Land-based wind turbines are an important way for us to get clean energy for our homes and businesses, and there are a lot of exciting jobs available that help build more of them.

As we start to use more renewables like wind energy, jobs in the wind industry will also increase in demand. That makes a career in land-based wind energy a really smart path for job seekers who want to set themselves up for a rewarding, stable, and successful future—and even if you don’t know much about wind energy now, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn!

Why Work in Land-Based Wind?

Key Career Opportunities in Wind

1. Wind Turbine Technician

A wind turbine technician is a great position for New Yorkers who are interested in fixing machinery and working outside. Wind turbine technicians — sometimes called field service technicians or wind farm support specialists — typically perform technical tasks with their hands to keep wind turbines functioning properly. If you’ve had previous work experience doing mechanical repairs, this could be a great role to help you get your foot in the door of New York’s clean energy economy. Most wind energy companies do not require their turbine technicians to have a college degree.

2. Wind Electrical Engineer

A wind electrical engineer is responsible for understanding how to design and operate all of the various electrical components that are needed to make wind turbines work. Becoming an electrical engineer requires an interest in math and computers, which are important areas for this role. Once you become a certified electrical engineer, you can then focus your expertise on helping New Yorkers harness clean energy from the wind.

3. Wind Welder

Trained welders are highly sought after in New York’s growing wind industry. Welders use specialized tools to “weld” or join together the various metal components that are used to build wind turbines. If you enjoy working with your hands on intricate projects, welding could be a great opportunity to get your foot in the door of New York’s clean energy economy. Most wind energy companies do not require their welders to have a college degree.

An Inclusive Career

For the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy to work, we need to make sure that everyone gets a seat at the table. That includes clean energy career opportunities like land-based wind energy.

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