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Energy Efficiency and Clean Technology Training


The New York State Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is seeking proposals for technical training, experiential learning, job placement and supportive services that enable New York State to meet the requirements of a clean energy economy and advance the climate equity and just transition goals of New York’s Climate Act. The purpose of this solicitation is to strengthen the pipeline of skilled talent for the Energy Efficiency and Clean Technology labor market.

Projects funded through this solicitation are intended to develop and/or deliver technical training and relevant education, hands-on experience, and placement into paid internships, apprenticeships, full-time jobs, or advanced formal training to ensure that both new and existing workers, apprentices, journeypersons, and students, as applicable, have the skills, experience, and qualifications required to meet industry demand.

How much funding is available?

NYSERDA will accept proposals requesting up to $1 million in funding.

A minimum cost share of 30 percent is required, either in the form of cash or in-kind services. Proposals that focus exclusively on Disadvantaged Communities and/or Priority Populations and those that are qualifying union-led projects and qualifying pre-apprenticeship projects will receive higher consideration as well a reduced cost share requirement of 10 percent.

What are the basic requirements?

This solicitation will provide funding to projects that fall into any one or both of the following categories:

  1. Training for Existing Workers and Individuals in Formal Training Programs
  2. Career Pathways for New Workers/New Entrants in Clean Energy

All training projects, regardless of category, must have a demonstrable connection to employer or industry needs that are documented through letters of support from relevant employers or industry players, labor market data, or other forms of credible direct knowledge of the sector or workforce needs. Additionally, all projects must have a solid and well-documented sustainability plan to ensure continuation of training after NYSERDA funding has completed.

Training projects under Category 2 must meet additional requirements related to technical training, wraparound services, representation of Disadvantaged Communities/Priority Populations, industry partnerships, outcome monitoring, and placement post training.

Projects are anticipated to be completed within approximately two years, excluding the applicable 12-month period for tracking and monitoring employment outcomes for new workers (Category 2).

This solicitation employs a two-step application process starting with the submission of a Concept Paper. Applicants whose Concept Papers receive a favorable review outcome are invited to submit Full Proposals for funding.

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Technical high schools
  • Community colleges and universities
  • Trade associations
  • Manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and distributors
  • Renewable energy project developers and owners
  • Firms and subcontractors that support engineering, procurement, construction operations and maintenance
  • Renewable energy development service providers
  • Unions
  • Training and job placement intermediaries
  • Community-based and non-for-profit organizations

Eligible training providers must have a demonstrated track record in energy-related training, job preparedness and/or placement. Preference will be given to projects that include or are led by Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) and/or Service-Disabled and Veteran-Owned Businesses (SDVOBs). Applicants may consist of individual entities or a team of Training Providers. Applicants are encouraged to partner with and/or demonstrate support from energy-related industry partners or companies.

What are the eligible technology areas?

  • High-efficiency heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and water heating
  • Building electrification/heat pump technologies
  • High-efficiency water heating
  • Insulation and air sealing
  • High-efficiency lighting and controls
  • Building automation and controls
  • Smart grid and energy storage
  • Electric vehicle charging station installation and maintenance
  • Large-scale, land-based renewable energy generation that is actively supported through New York’s Clean Energy Standard.
  • Offshore wind training projects are not eligible for funding under this PON. See PON 4595: NYS Offshore Wind Training Institute - Workforce Training and Skills Development for information on funding opportunities related to offshore wind training.

Which training initiatives can be funded?

  • Curriculum development or modification
  • Delivery of training (online, classroom, on-site, etc.)
  • Training labs and equipment purchases for hands-on training
  • Hiring and training of trainers
  • Test and certification fees
  • Pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships
  • Services to place individuals into paid internships, apprenticeships, full-time jobs, or advanced formal training
  • Training in a language other than English

Additionally, NYSERDA may fund relevant marketing and outreach (up to 10% NYSERDA funding) as well as reasonable in-state travel to support eligible training initiatives in the technology areas specified above.

How to Apply

Learn more about the program and how to apply on the Energy Efficiency and Clean Technology TrainingLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. funding opportunity page.

Find Partners!

NYSERDA offers an online “Partner Connector” site to facilitate connections among training providers and other partners interested in applying to our workforce development and training funding opportunities.

The Partner Connector site enables interested parties to share their contact information and details about their organization with others seeking to collaborate on these funding opportunities. Once registered, participants are granted log-in access to the Partner Connector and may use the information on the site to contact potential partners and explore ways to collaborate. Participants may search for partners by filtering for any one or more of the following categories: region served, organization type, and services sought in a partner organization.

Register for the NYSERDA Partner ConnectorLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.

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