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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I access the IEDR?
  • What is the IEDR?
    • The Integrated Energy Data Resource (IEDR) will be a single statewide platform that securely collects and integrates a large and diverse set of energy-related data and shares meaningful information and insights on New York’s energy system to support our clean energy and climate commitment. Read more about the IEDR and its guiding principles.
  • Why do we need the IEDR?
    • The IEDR will provide useful access to useful energy data that is essential for achieving New York State’s policy goals to make its electricity system cleaner, more resilient, and more affordable, specifically the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (Climate Act Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.).
    • Accessing this useful energy data will enable analyses that inform investment decisions, identify operational inefficiencies, monitor the effectiveness of policy objectives, promote innovation, and encourage new business models.
  • What is the IEDR Order?
    • The IEDR Order establishes the regulatory expectation that the IEDR will enable approximately 50 use cases over Phase 1 and 2 and specific deadlines for achieving minimum performance capabilities.
  • What is the IPV?
    • The Initial Public Version (IPV) is the first release of the platform to the public. It addresses three use cases that were rated highest priority based on stakeholder input and AG review and demonstrates the functionality of the IEDR platform. The IPV use cases and the data that supports them will be instrumental to the rest of Phase 1 and early Phase 2 use cases. The IPV was launched on March 31, 2023.[1]
  • What is the MVP?
    • The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) release will create the go-to resource for multiple stakeholders working to achieve New York State’s clean energy goals by rapidly iterating on the IPV and launching new use cases that provide end-to-end solutions for key challenges. An additional 5 use cases will be addressed in the release of the MVP in Q1 2024, which concludes Phase 1 of the IEDR program.
  • What is the IEDR timeline?
    • The New York Public Service Commission established a two-phase schedule of the development and operation of the IEDR:
      • Phase 1: The initial IEDR implementation will enable at least five of the highest priority use cases with an expectation that there could be 10 or more achieved. Phase 1 will be completed in Q1 2024.
      • Phase 2: The initial IEDR will expand and enhance approximately 40 additional use cases, building on the successful implementation and operation of Phase 1. Phase 2 will be completed 36 months after the completion of Phase 1.
      • Solution Architect and Development Team (E Source Companies, LLC) 
  • Where can I find progress made? 
  • How can I get involved?

[1] New York State Energy Research and Development Authority - Integrated Energy Data Resource (IEDR) Program. The Initial Public Version (IPV) of the IEDR Platform has been launched!

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