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Multifamily Building Programs

multifamily buildings

Multifamily properties rely on energy to provide residents with a safe, comfortable place to call home.

There are multiple paths to optimizing your building’s performance, no matter your budget. Integrating energy-saving solutions into your multifamily property can lead to long-term savings and year-round comfort for residents.

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By making energy-efficient upgrades and managing energy at your properties, you can:

  • Lower operating and maintenance costs and extend the lifespan of your equipment
  • Increase resident satisfaction by improving the aesthetics and comfort of spaces
  • Mitigate risk and resident complaints by avoiding unexpected building maintenance issues
  • Improve the value and marketability of your properties

Opportunities for Multifamily Building Owners

NYSERDA has incentives and technical assistance available to support owners and managers of multifamily buildings, depending on your property’s needs or where you’re at in your energy management journey. Visit the New Construction Housing program page for more information on multifamily new construction, programs and opportunities.

Understand Your Building & Plan Improvements by Identifying Upgrades

Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech) Program
How it works. Completing an energy study of your building can help you identify and evaluate opportunities to reduce energy costs and incorporate clean energy into your capital planning.

Available incentives. NYSERDA offers a 50 percent cost-share to produce an objective, site-specific, and targeted study on how best to implement clean energy and/or energy efficiency technologies in your property. Through June 30, 2021, you can access up to 100 percent cost-share for studies that evaluate converting your heating and domestic hot water systems to efficient heat pumps, or preparing your building for these upgrades.

Low Carbon Capital Planning Support 
How it works. Develop a capital improvement plan that brings your building to low carbon performance at your pace. A FlexTech Consultant will conduct an energy study of your building or portfolio to help you identify low carbon, energy saving upgrades, resulting in a report that includes a detailed cost-benefit analysis, a holistic look at expected benefits. You’ll also get a prioritized plan to implement upgrades, taking into account milestones such as major equipment replacement, refinancing, and regulatory requirements.

Available incentives. Receive a 75% cost share from NYSERDA toward the costs of the study. 

Multifamily Building Solutions Network
Get started. When you enhance the energy performance of your multifamily building, take advantage of guidance and support from our network who will work hand in hand with multifamily building owners to find ways to use energy more efficiently in your building.

Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) Program
How it works. RTEM systems transform the way you manage, consume, and buy energy—continuously monitoring and pulling your building’s current and historical performance data into one location through a cloud-based system or an on-site system.

Available incentives. NYSERDA offers a cost-share up to 30 percent of the overall RTEM project expenses, and up to 40 percent for affordable multifamily projects, and provides technical support to reap the benefits of building performance optimization.

Access Support for Energy Improvement Projects

Low Carbon Pathways
How it works. Put your low carbon capital improvement plan in motion when you implement a low carbon energy-saving retrofit over time by accessing incentive packages focused on four major building energy systems: Envelope, Ventilation, Heating and Cooling, and Domestic Hot Water. Each package is designed to put you on a path toward achieving low carbon performance and to help you work toward compliance mandates.

Available incentives. Receive incentives ranging from $700 - $5,000 per dwelling unit, depending on the package, for installing required upgrades. Unlock additional incentives when you install supplemental upgrades.

Multifamily Financing Opportunities
Get started. Explore affordable and flexible financing opportunities through NYSERDA and partner organizations to help you make cost-effective energy improvements to your multifamily building.

NYS Clean Heat - Installation of Heat Pumps for Heating or Hot Water
How it works. Installing a heat pump offers a better way to heat and cool your property making it possible for you to keep your residents comfortable year-round, save energy, and reduce your maintenance expenses. Heat pumps work by drawing heat from the environment and moving it indoors to heat or moving it outdoors to cool your building.

Available incentives. NYSERDA offers free screenings to assess the potential of ground and air source heat pump and variable refrigerant flow technologies to provide heating and cooling solutions in large multifamily buildings. For rebate and financing information, please work with your electric utility. Through the NYS Clean Heat program, electric utility companies offer rebates on both air and ground source heat pumps. Utility listings can be found online at NYS Clean Heat.

Continuous Improvement and Energy Management

Building Operations and Maintenance Workforce Development Training Program
How it works. Building operations and maintenance employees are key to helping building managers and owners reduce energy costs. Improving the skills of these employees can significantly improve building efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Available incentives. NYSERDA will share up to 50 percent of the cost, up to $400,000, to help employers and building owners develop training projects that create the educational strategy, on-site training framework, and tools needed to advance the skills of building operations and maintenance workers.

Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) Program
How it works. Installing an RTEM system can help you continuously improve your building’s energy expenses by monitoring and pulling your building’s current and historical performance data into one location through a cloud-based system or an on-site system.

Available incentives. NYSERDA offers a cost-share up to 30 percent of the overall RTEM project expenses, and up to 40 percent for affordable multifamily projects, and provides technical support to reap the benefits of building performance optimization.

Explore Renewables & Clean Technology Options

Charge Ready NY
How it works. Installing electric vehicle charging stations at your multifamily property can attract and retain residents and contribute to a cleaner environment by helping to reduce air pollution.

Available incentives. NYSERDA offers rebates for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, up to $4,000 per charging port installed. This can be combined with a New York State tax credit.

Energy Storage
How it works. Energy storage creates a continuous, reliable supply of energy for your building by saving energy from the grid or on-site renewables and then using it as needed. This enables customers to have more control over their energy use during outages and periods of high demand.

Available incentives. NYSERDA offers technical assistance, access to financing and a single up-front payment at a fixed incentive amount per kilowatt (kWh).

How it works. Incorporating solar power at your multifamily property can reduce your overall energy costs. Depending on your building, you can either go solar by installing panels on your roof or property, or by accessing community solar.

Available incentives. NYSERDA offers incentives and financing to offset the cost of purchasing and installing solar for your building. Also available, incentives when pairing solar and energy storage.

Plan Ahead for NYC Local Law 97

NYC Local Law 97
Get started. Implementing energy management strategies for your multifamily properties doesn’t happen overnight, so the time to plan is now.

Available support. NYSERDA offers assistance for every step of your building upgrades, including planning improvements, installation, and monitoring performance. NYSERDA’s programs and services can help you unlock the many benefits of saving energy and help you start thinking about Local Law 97.