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ENERGY STAR®-Certified Home Electronics Can Help You Save Money and Energy

Get the whole picture of your home’s energy use, comfort, and safety with a no-cost energy assessment.

Today's homes are full of electronics, from electric vehicle chargers to heat pumps and office equipment. Home electronics, including televisions, computers, gaming consoles, and cable boxes, make up about 4% of home energy use.

What can you do about energy-draining household devices?

First, unplug your existing electronic products when you're not using them, or plug them into an advanced power strip that will shut down the power for you. Many devices use energy even when they are turned off or in standby mode.

Second, when you’re shopping for new home electronics, choose ones that have earned the ENERGY STAR® label. For example, computers with ENERGY STAR® certification use 30%-65% less energy than non-designated models – all without sacrificing quality and performance.

Find out how ENERGY STAR® equipment and other best practices can cut your home energy use. 

Home Entertainment

See our energy-saving tips to reduce your energy use at home and on the road.

Many homes have multiple televisions, Wi-Fi modems, or gaming consoles. More screen time means more energy use in the home, and the energy consumed by all these devices adds up. By choosing televisions and electronics with ENERGY STAR® certification, you can save quite a bit.

Televisions with ENERGY STAR® certification are 25% more energy efficient than conventional models on average.

Battery Charging Systems and External Power Adapters

Did you know that the battery chargers and external power adapters that come with many devices are energy wasters? In fact, conventional battery chargers can draw as much as five to 20 times more energy than is actually stored in the battery, even when they are not charging it. And external power adapters may lose 10% to 70% of the energy they consume because much of that energy is converted to heat.

ENERGY STAR®-qualified battery chargers and external power adapters use up to 35% less energy than conventional models. Plus, switching to energy-efficient battery charging systems will prevent the release of more than one million tons of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.

Go one step further and plug your battery chargers and external power adapters into an advanced power strip to maximize your energy savings.

Cordless Phones and Answering Machines

Cordless phones use built-in rechargeable batteries that draw power even when you’re not using them. ENERGY STAR® certified cordless phones, answering machines and combination units use about a third less energy than conventional units and many offer energy performance features such as switch-mode power supplies and “smart” chargers.

Boost your energy savings with these energy-saving tips.