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Pool Pumps


The Size of Your Pool Pump Matters!  Select the Right Size

If you own a pool, you know it consumes a lot of energy. If you’re using a standard single-speed pool pump to circulate clean, clear water, you can cut your energy use in half if you upgrade to an energy efficient, two-speed or variable-speed pool pump. Plus, two-speed and variable-speed pool pumps are more durable and offer better performance and water filtration.

Two-speed pool pumps offer the choice of a higher speed for increased water flow and a lower speed for filtration. Variable-speed pool pumps offer multiple speeds for a variety of applications including cleaning, filtering and heating. Save even more with a programmable, variable-speed pump that allows custom programming to adjust the operating speed for each function.

The size of your pool pump also matters! It costs less to run a pump with a smaller motor for a longer period of time, so select the right size for your needs. Also, make sure your pool pump is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, an organization that develops standards, product certifications and risk-management practices for public health and safety.

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