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Charging at Multifamily Properties


EV Charging Stations for Multifamily Complexes

Attract Tenants to Your Property with Electric Vehicle Charging Stations!

There are more electric vehicles (EVs) on New York State roads than ever before. Forward-thinking building owners are installing EV charging stations as an attractive option for current and prospective tenants.

Step 1 - Install New Charging Station

Step 1 - Install the New Charging Station

Step 2 - Receive State and Federal Rebates

Step 2 - Receive State and Federal Rebates

Step 3 - Attract Tenants to Your Property

Step 3 - Attract Tenants to Your Property

More New Yorkers are Driving Electric

New EV models with greater ranges and lower prices make EVs an attractive option for car buyers. Check out the Drive Clean Rebate to get money off the sticker price of an Electric Vehicle.

Attract and Retain Great Tenants

NYSERDA’s Charge Ready NY 2.0 Program includes incentives for Multi-Unit Dwellings (MUD’s). 

Act Now to SAVE

Now is the time to take advantage of financial incentives for EV charging stations. Multi-unit dwellings that qualify as businesses can receive up to $14,000 in rebates and tax credits on a two-port installation. These incentives can reduce the average project cost for a two-charger installation from $13,600 to $4,800.

New York State's income tax credit offsets 50 percent of the remaining project costs up to $5,000 per port, for a potential $10,000 in tax credits for a two-port project. Equipment Owners may be eligible for Federal tax credits for installing charging stations. Information can be found on Alternative Fuels Data Center Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.