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New York is powering a clean energy economy

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New York has what it takes: robust markets for clean energy products, a talented workforce, ambitious policies, and the right incentives to locate clean energy and climate technology manufacturing and supply chain investments.

Clean energy industries - from manufacturing to installation and servicing - are poised for significant growth through New York State’s unparalleled investments in strategic siting, workforce development, and the innovation infrastructure necessary to support a robust clean energy economy.

Whether you are focused on commercializing the next generation of clean energy technologies or seeking a growing market for your low-carbon products, New York is full of opportunities.

Why Choose New York For Your Business?

New York State by the numbers:

  • #1 in the Northeast in total number of STEM graduates
  • #2 for venture capital investments ($18.1 billion in capital committed through 2020)
  • #3 in nation on clean energy/clean tech patents
  • #3 in the country for high-tech employment

New York’s ambitious clean energy and climate goals are catalyzing investment and job growth, but the Empire State has many more strategic advantages.

New York’s Robust Clean Energy Sectors

New York clean energy firms saw a total of $10.98 billion in investments across 6,681 deals between 2011 and 2021

NYSERDA Jobs Report

To achieve the emission reduction and renewable generation goals of the Climate Act Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page., New York State is mobilizing investment in clean energy products and services in key market segments, including:

These Companies Found a Clean Energy Partner in New York

From emerging startups to established firms, New York is partnering with businesses and innovators advancing clean energy solutions and services.

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