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Net Zero Resources


Combining thoughtful design with high-quality construction practices, solar energy production, and high-efficiency technologies results in a comfortable home that can cut annual net energy bills down to zero.


The following NYSERDA resources describe technology options for net zero energy homes:

Featured Projects

These structures were designed to be highly efficient and incorporate technologies such as solar electric, solar thermal (hot water), or geothermal and other heat pump technologies.


View homes of the future which exist right now, in New York State. Take a tour through these net zero energy homes, with insights from the homeowner about its features and energy performance.

Natale Builders energy efficient housing Net Zero Homes Are the Future for Natale Builders

Natale Builders, a premier homebuilder in Western New York, have always tried to set themselves apart from the crowd by building homes that look special and outperform other homes.

Inner Workings of a Zero Net Energy House in New Paltz Take a Tour and View the Inner Workings of a Net Zero Energy House in New Paltz
David Shepler from IBM Research gives us a tour of the net zero energy home, which was built by Anthony Aebi of Greenhill Contracting.

1840s Farmhouse in Clifton Park Converted to Net Zero Energy Gem 1840s Farmhouse in Clifton Park Converted to Net Zero Energy Gem
Paul & Joanne Coons invested their time and money in a net zero energy retirement dream home in the Capital Region by restoring an existing Greek Revival farmhouse to its past glory. Read More

Department of Energy - Zero Energy

DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Resources – This website provides resources for successfully building and selling zero-energy ready homes. Find everything from technical training to sales tools and publications.

DOE’s Solutions Center - The Building America Solution Center provides residential building professionals with access to expert information on hundreds of high-performance design and construction topics.