Economic Opportunities

offshore wind turbine

Offshore wind is a burgeoning multi-billion-dollar industry that will bring unparalleled economic opportunities to New York State and the surrounding region. New York will realize billions of dollars of investments and benefit from thousands of new jobs in a range of sectors including installation, operations and maintenance, manufacturing, and project development.

With a nation-leading commitment of developing 9,000 megawatts of offshore wind energy, a central location between Northeastern and mid-Atlantic states, core manufacturing competencies, pioneering education and labor institutions, and a veteran workforce, New York is ideally positioned to become the future hub of the emerging U.S. offshore wind industry.

Constructing and maintaining offshore wind facilities requires an experienced workforce and a diverse, advanced supply chain and is a priority for New York State. To meet this end, NYSERDA has formed a Jobs and Supply Chain Technical Working Group to ensure that: