Incentives Available Through NY-Sun

The NY-Sun Incentive Program provides financial incentives to help reduce the installation costs associated with solar electric systems. The incentives are built around customized megawatt (MW) blocks tied to specific regions of New York State.

Incentives are based on building sector and size (residential, small commercial, and large commercial/industrial), and within each sector, there are different incentives for specific regions of NY. 

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Commercial and Industrial Incentive

Systems larger than 200 kilowatts (kW) for commercial and industrial buildings in NY State, excluding Long- Island.

Residential and Small Commercial Incentive

Systems up to 200 kW including single-family homes, larger multifamily buildings, schools, not-for-profit, and government buildings; additional incentives are available for income-eligible residents.

Income-eligible households may qualify for the Affordable Solar program:

  • Lowers the up-front cost of installing solar for a homeowner. 
  • Doubles the NY-Sun incentives for households earning less than 80 percent of the area or State median income. 
  • Residents may also qualify for free or discounted home energy improvements through the Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® or EmPower programs.

Communities may also want to work with their neighbors to participate in the Shared Solar Program.