Discover your home's energy waste

A pie chart showing residential energy use - 43% space heating, 7% space cooling, 16% water heating, 4% refrigeration, %5 lighting 25% other; heating & cooling accounts for half of residential energy bills.

Getting a home energy assessment can help you take control of your energy costs. It can identify where your house is using the most energy and which improvements would have the biggest impact on your bottom line. Heating and cooling costs frequently account for 50% of residential energy bills. Identifying your energy waste can lead to big savings.

Harness the power of the sun

Tapping into the sun by installing a solar electric system allows you to lower your energy bills by producing your own pollution-free power.

Change your light bulb

couple buying CFL

65% of New York consumers agree that picking out the right bulb is a difficult process. But using energy-efficient lighting like LED and CFL light bulbs helps you to save money on your energy bill, and there are quick guides to explain the bulb options.

Ready to go net zero?

Imagine a house that produces as much or more energy than is used – cutting annual net energy bills down to zero. A net zero energy home can achieve this, providing you with significant energy savings over time.