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Energy Storage


Making energy storage more reliable and affordable

Using more energy storage systems—including batteries and other technologies—throughout New York can help drive down electricity costs, integrate renewable energy, and provide a stable supply during peak electric usage or operate critical systems during a grid outage.

From cell phones to power grids

Chances are you’re using products with energy storage technology. Whether it’s the small battery inside a cell phone or a large energy storage system that reduces power demand in a skyscraper, these technologies save generated power to use later. When power demand is high, the systems can keep costs low and the power reliable.

Powering buildings and vehicles


Solar power and other renewable energy technologies can produce electricity close to where it is actually used by homes, businesses, and vehicles. Energy storage can work together with these technologies to make energy available when it is needed.

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Almost 30 different all-electric vehicles that store energy in batteries are now in the marketplace. Larger vehicles like trucks, buses, and even subways and trains can also use battery technology to increase their efficiency and use braking energy to recharge those batteries.

Technologies other than batteries

ioxus ultracapaciters

Batteries can be designed to meet specific power and duration requirements. Other technologies—some even use ice—can also offset energy needs in buildings, cars, and power grids. Whereas batteries often release energy from chemical reactions slowly over hours, ultracapacitors quickly recharge and release large bursts of power in seconds, and are designed to cycle for many years.

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Flywheels are used with applications that require high power for a short period of time (around 15 minutes or less). Thermal systems like ice storage are used in buildings for reducing air conditioning compressor load for many hours. In all cases, the “system” is charged when an excess of energy is available and then discharged when it is needed. Some of these technologies can also be used to save solar power generated on sunny days for the evening or for when energy needs peak, such as on a hot and humid summer day when there are a lot of air conditioners running.

Collaborate with energy storage experts

Leaders and entrepreneurs are pushing storage technology into the future. The NY Battery and Energy Storage Technology (NY-BEST) Consortium encourages and promotes a vibrant, world-class advanced battery and energy storage sector in New York.

Blenheim-Gilboa Pumped Storage Power Project Can “Pinch-Hit” for Power Plants

This modern hydroelectric facility in Schoharie County is the sixth largest facility in the United States. It generates the equivalent of three natural gas plants and serves two critical functions: provide low-cost electricity and store water for emergency power production.